Clickky Launches an Automated Self-Serve Platform with a Wide Range of Formats to Help Monetize Mobile Websites to the Fullest

​​​​Clickky presents an easy and convenient way to monetize mobile traffic through a self-serve platform. The company utilized its 4-year experience in mobile advertising to create a user-friendly interface that will push forward the ad placement management. Mobile website owners and, a month later, app developers will have full control over monetization on their sites. The beta version was appreciated by more than 2,000 publishers, and now the company is ready to introduce its improved version to the global audience.

The platform has the largest directory of revenue-generating ad formats, including native ads, rich media, fullscreen banners, and video. Moreover, Clickky provides customization options for native formats. Publishers can get ads tailored to their design to ensure excellent user experience. For large players the company is ready to develop сustom format designs.

Flexibility and convenience have always been crucial for business tools. Clickky's platform will allow you to minimize time and resources and maximize revenue from your mobile traffic.

Valentine Bondarchuk, Chief Revenue Officer

Mobile in-text ads will also be available soon. Clickky presents a unique format that uncovers new monetization opportunities. The system automatically transforms relevant keywords into links, creating an additional revenue source.  Mobile in-text ads work best for websites with lots of text content, where the links will look more organic. Сlickky has already tested the format and reports publishers being extremely pleased with it so far.

Clickky’s wide range of ad formats is not conflicting with a variety of other monetization tools on the market. Unique monetization placements provided can complement existing solutions allowing one to maximize the revenue from website on mobile.

There are only three integration steps: one chooses the format, copies the code to a web and sends a signal to automatically check the placement in Clickky’s system.

Clickky’s self-serve platform for publishers ensures:

  • Choice of categories of ads displayed on the sites (e. g., Games, Utilities, News, Health & Fitness, etc.);

  • Automated monthly payout starting only at $100;

  • 100% fill rate due to the large demand in emerging markets;

  • Wordpress monetization plugin that allows one to set up any ad format on any site built on this platform;

  • Release of unique formats for the market (e. g., keyword monetization through adding links to specific words in any text);

  • Monetization SDK for Android applications that is in the beta and goes live in a month.

“Flexibility and convenience have always been crucial for business tools. Clickky’s platform will allow you to minimize time and resources and maximize revenue from your mobile traffic,” –  shared Valentine Bondarchuk, Clickky’s Chief Revenue Officer.

Every new publisher who signs up receives a $50 bonus, once the manager approves the account. The payout is sent when publishers reach $100 of revenue including the bonus.

About Clickky

Clickky has 6 offices in 5 countries: United States, Israel, Ukraine, Russia and India. The company operates worldwide, delivering mobile ad campaigns from more than 120 different countries, and its team has grown to 90 professionals.  In 2015 Clickky launched AdExchange API – the world’s biggest automated mobile ad platform, which provides access to more that 20 000 mobile ad campaigns.  In May, 2015 Clickky received $2M from iTech Capital, a venture capital firm focused on growth investments in digital economy businesses.  In 2016 Clickky made TOP-5 among advertising and marketing companies and TOP 3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the Inc. 5000 Europe ranking.  Also in 2016 Clickky received a Golden IBA Stevie Award, being honored as the fastest growing company in Europe.

Source: Clickky