Clickky is Trending on Product Hunt with the Mobile Monetization Platform

The Platform allows to access a new format of contextual advertising for blog and website monetization — in-text ads.

Today, Clickky presented their Mobile Monetization Platform that offers new to the market mobile in-text ads to Product Hunt community. The Platform was well-received in Europe, getting more than 150 upvotes in the first 5 hours.

Clickky’s Self-Serve Monetization Platform provides easy integration of multiple ad formats into the publisher’s mobile application or a website, guaranteeing 100% fill rate. The mobile in-text format, available only via Clickky’s Platform, is unique to the market and is customized particularly for the user experience on a smartphone or a tablet.

What makes the in-text mobile advertising stand out:

  • In-text ads allow to save valuable ad space and do not interfere with the design of a website in any way;
  • Users see in-text ads as underlined words or phrases within the text. The ads work in the same way as hyperlinks, leading to an application in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Publishers who use the in-text format are still paid by eCPM.

Clickky uses Javascript to analyze keywords on all pages of a website and compare them with keywords assigned to mobile offers in Clickky’s system. Then, a link is created to an offer, which is relevant to the content of a website. Maximum fill rate is guaranteed for every publisher.

Mobile in-text ads provide an outstanding opportunity for monetization of blogs and websites that rely heavily on textual content — and yet this format is new to mobile. Contrary to the good old media ad formats, this one does not interrupt the natural user experience, and moreover, does not take away the highly valuable advertising space.” — says Vadim Rogovskiy, CEO and founder of Clickky.  

Learn more about mobile in-text ads and Clickky’ Self-Serve Platform for Publishers at

About Clickky

Clickky operates worldwide, delivering mobile ad campaigns from more than 120 countries, with a team of more than 90 professionals. The company has 5 offices in 4 countries – United States, India, Russia and Ukraine – and opens a Chinese office in spring. Clickky entered 2017 with the revenue run rate of $10 million, having previously received the Golden IBA Stevie Award in 2016 as the fastest growing company in Europe. In 2016 Clickky also made Top 5 among advertising and marketing companies and Top 3 among mobile ad-tech companies in the Inc. 5000 Europe ranking. In 2015 Clickky launched AdExchange API – the world’s biggest automated mobile ad platform, which provides access to more than 30,000 mobile ad campaigns daily. To learn more about the company, visit

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