ClickDissolve™ Streamlines the California LLC Dissolution Process

Dissolve a Business with a Just Few Clicks.

California LLC Dissolution Form is the first company of its kind to use AI to automate the California LLC dissolution process, saving thousands of business owners time and money. With its ground-breaking online system, the experienced team at ClickDissolve™ e-files the necessary dissolution paperwork required to close a business enterprise in the State of California.

To dissolve an LLC in California, the correct forms must be filed with the Secretary of State in coordination with the Franchise Tax Board. Every limited liability company must file a Certificate of Cancellation, but not every LLC must file a Certificate of Dissolution. In addition, every LLC must be in good standing with the Secretary of State. If they are not, they must correct their status with the Franchise Tax Board and file a revivor request form before they can dissolve their LLC.

When small business owners try to wade through the dissolution process on their own, an error or omission can disrupt the entire procedure. By partnering with state agencies, ClickDissolve™ cuts through the bureaucracy with its clear, easy-to-use digital system, streamlining the necessary documentation required to cease doing business in the State of California.

"Failure to correctly dissolve an LLC or Corporation can result in costly tax liabilities and other legal complications for business owners," said Annie Le, Director of, an e-business based in Houston, Texas. "Our one-click solution is a game-changer. In many cases, it can help business owners dissolve their LLCs within 24 hours."

The cost of hiring a lawyer to legally dissolve a California LCC can place an unwanted burden on a company already struggling to meet its obligations before it stops doing business.'s innovative online system asks the LLC's representative to answer 10 simple questions, which experts review. ClickDissolve™ then prepares the appropriate dissolution paperwork and files it directly with the state, officially closing the LLC.

"The average attorney cost to dissolve an LLC in California is about $2,500," said Annie Le. "ClickDissolve™'s technology can get it done faster and for less than $100. Legal services shouldn't cost an arm and a leg for small business owners."

If an LLC is no longer in business and does not notify the appropriate government agencies, the business will continue to accrue taxes and fees. Since ClickDissolve™ was founded in 2010, it has handled the dissolution of thousands of small businesses, allowing owners and entrepreneurs to move forward with confidence to their next endeavors.

About is a leading business dissolution service operating in California. The company provides a range of technology solutions for business owners to interact with government agencies effectively. The company has helped over 10,000 California LLCs and Corporations comply with state agency and IRS requirements in the last five years. 


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