Cleveland Limousine Company Seeks Helpers for Preparing Gift Pack Giveaways to Downtown Homeless

Homeless Help Kits to provide healthy snacks and personal care essentials for those in need.

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday shopping season is in full swing, the busy drivers at Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services are not forgetting the many unfortunates who are unable to afford even the basic necessities to make it through the day. That’s why the company created a new kind of Santa sleigh, but this one happens to be a limousine decked out with “Help Kits” for the homeless.

With winter weather fast approaching, Cleveland’s homeless organizations, churches and charities are diligently reaching out to the city’s homeless to provide food and shelter. Cleveland Corporate Limousine is launching its annual program to literally take help to the streets through its “Limos of Love” Help Kits initiative. Each kit includes a mix of personal care and snack items including a granola or energy bar, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, bottled water, aspirin, band aids, a knit cap and other essentials that are provided by volunteer donations.

“We want to make one night just a little easier for the homeless individuals that our drivers occasionally encounter on their routes around the city”, states Wade Gilcher, owner of Cleveland Corporate Limousine Services, “During this time of the year, we stock all of our vehicles with Help Kits that drivers can readily give to someone who can benefit from personal care and nutritional energy snacks”

According to the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the homeless, there are over 2,000 individuals and families among the areas homeless shelter population with an estimated 200 or more people living on the streets at any one time. The company is presently looking for anyone who would like to volunteer to prepare the kits or donate items.

“In 2014, we gave out over 275 Help Kits and this year our goal is to double that amount,” adds Gilcher. Anyone interested in becoming a “Limos for Love” volunteer can contact Cleveland Corporate Limousine Service by calling 1-855-867-2270 (Toll Free) or visiting their website at www,

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