Cleveland Indians Stadium Field Test Proves Advanced UV Coating Performance, Extends Maintenance Lifecycle,

Facilities with outdoor exposures have long sought a more durable coating that is easier to apply. Maximum resistance to abrasion, weathering, and fading has seemed like the unobtainable Holy Grail. But as one major league ballpark manager discovered almost by accident, a new product from Sustainable Coatings DuraUV™ holds promise for a new standard in durability while also reducing maintenance and upkeep.

A new UV curable coating system from Sustainable Coatings, DuraUV™, is a one-part, high-performance, fast curing coating that is free of VOCs, isocyanates, chromates and hazardous air pollutants. It can be applied on dry surfaces with ambient or surface temperatures of 0⁰F - 100⁰F. Fast drying, the coatings fully cure in 10-20 seconds.
Joe Amberik, Manager of Capital Maintenance at Cleveland’s Progressive Field ballpark, home of the major league Cleveland Indians, invited a team from Sustainable Coatings to coat a section of rails, so he could test how well the coatings worked. At 20 degree f, a section of previously coated railing was painted while a second section was coated over bare metal. Ballparks are subject to severe weathering and as a place of public gathering, is constantly in need of maintenance and repair.  Maintaining metal surfaces around the park are a constant headache.

After 6 months Mr. Amberik reported that the coating was holding up surprisingly well. “I checked on the area, did some light scraping with my keys. The surface coated with DuraUV™ showed only a mark that I was able to wipe off. The color also looks as new as when it was painted.”

"I checked on the area, did some light scraping with my keys. The surface coated with DuraUV™ showed only a mark that I was able to wipe off. The color also looks as new as when it was painted."

Joe Amberik, Manager of Ballpark Capital Projects

A year later, DuraUV™ continued to perform well under a tough circumstance. “I have bad news and I have good news, said Amberik.” He reported that during the season the coated area had been hit by a motorized cart and a maintenance crew re-painted the entire section, painting over the test coatings. This was the bad news.

The good news? When Amberik decided to check on the test coating, he began by using the solvent paint remover – MEK – which is typically used to test the solvent-resistance of paints and coatings. The MEK removed the paint that had been applied over DuraUV™. But the MEK didn’t even dull the gloss of the DuraUV™. It looked just like the day it was coated and resisted removal by the paint remover

Where the motorized cart struck the railing coated, the regular paint was gouged down to bare metal. Where it struck the section coated with DuraUV™, it left a black mark that he was easily wiped off. No damage to the coating or to the railing was evident.

For exterior applications where corrosion protection, chemical resistance, adhesion, UV resistance, and abrasion protection matters, DuraUV™ is a smart choice, Its corrosivity class is assigned C5, appropriate for industrial use in areas of high humidity and aggressive atmosphere. It goes on fast, dries quickly, and is a durable, economical solution for tough painting environments.

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