Clearwater, Florida: Local Software Company Ends Exclusivity Deal With Re-Seller

Workware Solutions

On July 21, 2019, after a three-year exclusive partnership with The Sales Verification Company (SVC), Workware Solutions will now operate as an independent software manufacturer. Workwares’ flagship product, TPV Ninja, was a revolutionary software platform when introduced into the market in 2016. TPV Ninja began as the first and only verification platform that moved the third party verification process from a live operator to text/SMS and email. Workware has grown and expanded from a business plan to a highly respected brand with satisfied clients around the country. Now, with the freedom to sell directly to Suppliers and D2D vendors, Workware will become a brand that sets new industry standards.

Jason Stanard, President of Workware, remarks on their future endeavors, “We have seen massive success with TPV Ninja over the last couple years. With our exclusivity deal coming to an end, we will have greater freedom to enhance our flagship product, as well as roll out new products within the energy sector. We’re extremely excited about it."

TPV Ninja is the signature product of Workware Solutions; the innovative software allows for sales to be completed without voice verification. For years, the process of verifying a sale was laborious, time-consuming and costly. With the easy-to-use TPV Ninja, the average verification time is reduced by 50%, as compared to a live operator, and costs are slashed by 40-50% on average. With the overwhelming success and positive feedback of TPV Ninja version 1.4, Workware has the confidence to continue to reshape the market with their cutting-edge software. 

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