Clearance King Is Expanding as Wholesale Pound & Clearance Line Supplier in UK

It is a common believe that tells, 'best place is the only seat to best things.' Similarly, in case of purchase of best range of Pound & Clearance line products, Clearance King is a master stoppage.

It is a common belief that if you want the best then you have to go to the best place to get it. Similarly the only name that strikes the mind of different trade persons when best range of pound line product is to be purchased is Clearance King. This company is UK’s leading Pound Shop wholesaler & Supplier. We have been delivering extensive range of premium quality stock line-ups at a very competitive price. Hence, retailers who stop at Clearance King, return satisfied with exclusive, top quality products at unbelievably low price.

Clearance King is a family owned business with industry experience of over 60 years and is based in the heart of Manchester. Ever since the company was established, it has been delivering high-end quality products which are trendy. The company’s competitive advantage lies in their ability to supply choicest products to the retailers in bulk and thereby stay ahead of competition.  Despite cut throat competition, they ensure that their customer receive the best deal at Clearance King.

The company as a leading UK Pound line wholesaler & supplier specialises in delivering branded and unbranded daily use cleaning products, medical aids, tools, batteries, kitchenware, toiletries, stationary, smoking, electronics and many other diverse product lines. All the pound shops, post offices, discount stores and general convenience stores earn substantial profits as they purchase goods at wholesale rate from Clearance King. There is no restriction on the quantity that can be purchased at wholesale and discounted price from the supplier. The best part is retailers have a choice of their own to make out of the extensive pound stock lines-ups available at the online store.

Clearance King has a massive showroom & warehouse all in one building where customers may visit to order stocks and also get instant delivery. One can also opt for an online registration to order products at low price, without keeping in mind any minimum order and purchase it easily in a safe and secure manner.

Clearance King is competent to offer direct import/export service on any sort of product that they have in their stock line-up. For payments with major credit card or debit card, customers do not require to pay extra charges.

Clearance King is a trusted supplier to pound shops, market traders, independent retailers, Amazon sellers, Ebay sellers and many other independently owned businesses. The company is one of the most prominent pound line wholesalers that deliver fast moving pound lines in the whole of UK(through the UK and Europe) ).

The delivery mechanism is swift and competent to offer products unfailingly at the destined location. We do not set any bar for minimum orders and further; the company offer free delivery on orders over £299 excluding VAT for mainland UK and over £1,000 for the rest of the UK.

Right from placement of order to payment transaction, retailers can make it easy at this online store or with a call and visit the showroom directly.

For the overall UK pound line retailers, having a business relation with a trusted wholesaler like Clearance King is a huge support. The wholesalers of UK have a dominant position in the economy of UK as they are not just a bridge to the innumerable retailers and independent pound stores but also these ages old pound line wholesale supplier are a lifeline to the manufacturing industry based internationally. With their easy online store and online registration, no matter wherever a retailer is located; they can effectively meet their requirements and satisfy them

About Clearance King

Clearance King is renowned Manchester based company that caters with import and wholesale of wide variety fast selling branded as well as unbranded products to trade. It has been into existence for the past 60 years in the industry.

Clearance King
44 Higher Ardwick
Manchester, Lancashire
M12 6DA