Clear Path Solutions Announces New Video Conference Therapy

Clear Path Solutions Offers New Video Conference Skype Therapy Sessions for Clients

Toronto, ON – Specializing in individual psychotherapy, couples and family counselling, life coaching, psychological assessments, and hypnotherapy, Clear Path Solutions is very pleased to announce that its services are now available through video conferencing. The new video conferencing service is conducted over Skype video service and follows the same format clients experience whenever they visit the firm’s downtown offices.

The expansion of the new service from one of Toronto’s top psychological authorities validates Clear Path Solutions continued committed to excellence for its clients. The company provides a wide range of counselling and therapy services for individuals, couples, and families. In order for counselling and therapy services to be successful, clients have to be committed to exploring what means the most to them, their loved ones, and family.

However, making it to the firm’s downtown Toronto offices sometimes poses a challenge for clients. The new video conferencing therapy and counselling services addresses this issue and now makes it possible for clients to schedule appointments and conduct them over Skype. “The goal of Clear Path Solutions is to make it possible for clients to receive continued therapy and counselling, whether they are able to visit in-office or through video conferencing,” stated founder Dr. Douglas Saunders, C. Psych.

Clear Path Solutions Skype services ensure clients are able to maintain their progress and momentum. The new service was designed for clients, who would otherwise miss appointments because they are not able to make it downtown, travel for work, go on holiday or vacation, or live only part of the year in Toronto. All Skype sessions are conducted in the same manner as face-to-face sessions held in the office. Clear Path Solutions will work with clients to determine when video conferencing therapy and counselling services are in their best interests. As part of its Skype services, the company will guide clients on the best ways to proceed with their therapy, treatment, and counselling.

Clear Path Solutions (CPS) is there for individuals, couples, and families to address whatever concerns them the most. Whether a client is dealing with relationship issues with their spouse or children, or wants to talk about the stresses at their work, the professionals at CPS are there to listen and help. The goal of counselling and psychotherapy is to assist people in learning more about themselves, what matters most in their lives right now, and how best to overcome past and present obstacles.  CPS provides a safe, secure, and non-judgmental environment for clients to talk openly and freely about anything that concerns them.

For additional information about Clear Path Solutions and the firm’s various psychotherapy and counselling services, please visit today or call 416-597-2614 to book an appointment.

About Clear Path Solutions

Clear Path Solutions (CPS) was founded by Dr. Douglas Saunders, C. Psych. to provide help for individuals, couples, and families in the Greater Toronto Area. Clear Path Solutions offers professional coaching, psychology, and consultation services in a professional, safe, and secure environment to make a real difference for their clients. The professionals at CPS are fully dedicated and care for their clients. The company is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto near four major hospitals, Toronto and Ryerson Universities, Queens Park, and many government buildings.