Now Supports More Marketplaces and E-commerce Companies, Including Custom Checkouts

Now, cleanCART from can protect merchants regardless of what e-commerce marketplace they utilize. also includes a free report on coupon usage through its Coupon Detective technology. now supports even more marketplaces and e-commerce marketplaces to capture more revenue and improve conversions, even those with custom checkouts. cleanCART prevents coupon extensions from auto-injecting discount codes at checkout, showing on average a 5% increase in AOV and a 30% less cart abandonment rate on those orders where protection is enabled.

Recent data collected on coupon browser extensions show that approximately one-third of U.S. shoppers use them, and as a result, online retailers lose roughly $1.6 billion in revenue annually. cleanCART improves revenue attribution by improving e-commerce merchants' ability to track conversions and attribute them to specific coupons and campaigns.

"The holiday season marks the busiest time of the year for e-commerce brands. Businesses need to continuously monitor their processes, and honestly their bottom line," said Geoff Stupay, CEO of "Our mission, now more than ever, is to ensure brands and merchants have the data that supports proper revenue attribution while avoiding substantial revenue loss due to the improper use of coupons and affiliate hijacking." 

Roughly 81% of brands utilize affiliate programs and pay commissions on sales generated through those affiliates. Affiliate hijacking refers to fraudulent or illegitimate activity with the intent to generate commissions. Third-party sites like Honey take advantage of this process when their coupon extensions are activated. When customers click to search for available coupon codes or view competitor pricing, affiliate platforms — such as Viglink, ShareASale, and Impact — attribute this as a referral to the third-party site. Despite the user session being initiated as a result of in-house marketing efforts, the merchant is now responsible for the affiliate fee.

The methods that coupon extensions use to collect coupon codes mean that merchants have no control over which coupon codes those extensions know about, store in their databases, share with users, or inject at checkout. Misrepresenting coupon codes presents significant risks for online retailers and the e-commerce ecosystem and creates an inaccurate representation of market demand. 

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Founded in 2017, is an industry-leading digital engagement security platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to protect their user experiences and brands by controlling the third-party code that executes on their websites. From helping some of the world's largest online publishers to prevent malvertising, to giving e-commerce merchants the ability to block the injection of unwanted discount codes at checkout,'s mission is to ensure that brands truly own and control their most valuable digital assets - their websites.