CleanerBlast Develops Precision Sprayer for Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Multiple Use

CBT-2020 Chemical Sprayer by CleanerBlast

CleanerBlast Systems has released a newly designed chemical sprayer with a high-efficiency variable volume spray handle to optimize coverage for sanitizing and disinfecting. The CBT-2020 sprayer is ideal for schools, offices, and fitness centers where sanitizing the physical environment is essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CBT-2020 is a versatile sprayer capable of applying a wide range of chemicals. CleanerBlast designed the spray handle to include a spray volume adjustment knob. The adjustment knob makes the spray volume instantly adjustable right from the handle. The patent-pending technology means the user does not have to stop work and change a nozzle to adjust the spray. The CBT-2020 is the only sprayer on the market with this type of adjustment knob on the handle.

“The CBT-2020 is the only spraying machine on the market able to adjust the volume of spray from the handle. It gives the user a unique advantage of guaranteeing proper coverage,” said CEO Todd Olson.

Users can adjust the spray stream from fine micro-vapor to wet saturating mist and everything in between while maintaining even coverage. Users can be instantly responsive to changes in the complexity and makeup of surfaces with extreme precision without returning to the machine, replacing nozzles, or wasting chemical product.

Thorough coverage is critical during the COVID-19 pandemic because routine cleaning and disinfecting is key to maintaining a safe environment for anyone entering and/or working in a building or facility. The CBT-2020 can uniformly cover vast amounts of surface area rapidly and insure coverage of all critical surfaces. A lack of coverage can leave areas devoid of recommended amounts of chemicals and put people at risk.

The CBT-2020 can apply a wide range of chemicals including degreasers, sanitizers, soaps, fungicides, pesticides, lubricants, gelled agents and more.

The CBT-2020 can cover up 3000 sq. ft. per hour - using only 1.5 gal. of chemical product. That means it can clean, disinfect, or treat three average size classrooms, a surface roughly the size of the floor in an average commercial warehouse or a regulation size doubles tennis court – in a single hour.

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