cleanCART's Suite of Products Now Available via Shopify and BigCommerce App Stores

cleanCART helps protect customers and merchants from unauthorized coupon codes. Logo, a leading digital engagement security platform, announced that cleanCART's suite of products are now publicly available for merchants to install on the Shopify and BigCommerce platforms.

cleanCART's suite of e-commerce solutions help prevent extensions from auto-injecting or applying coupons codes into checkout pages. Third-party extensions like Honey, CapitalOne Shopping, and Piggy activate during checkout and apply these unauthorized discount codes, even when consumers have intent to complete the purchase without them.

The benefits for merchants include positive impacts on top-line revenue, margins, lifetime value, brand loyalty and reputation. If every American who said they'd like to try a coupon tool did so in the next year and was able to find a 10% discount on half of their online purchases, they would save $192 each, representing total savings of $6.64 billion. Understanding the scope of the problem helps highlight cleanCART's benefits for merchants, including positive impacts on top-line revenue, margins, lifetime value, and brand loyalty. 

"'s goal of protecting merchant revenue and preserving the consumer experience has been our north star from day one when we rolled out cleanCART," said CEO Geoff Stupay. "That's why we are super excited to share that cleanCART is now publicly accessible across the Shopify and BigCommerce ecosystems. We are also hard at work on expanding coverage to ensure cleanCART's protection is ubiquitous for merchants regardless of their shopping cart setup."

Additionally, cleanCART protects orders from affiliate hijacking, which can mask the true source and success of your affiliate program. Third-party browser extensions have the ability to intercept the customer checkout and overwrite the source to take referral credit for the purchase and hijack the commission from the true affiliate partner. See how CanvasPrints recovered over 8% of monthly gross sales that were being sacrificed due to misattribution.

Partners can receive a 14-day free trial, which includes an install via the app, weekly reports, access to dashboards, and insight into order protection. After the trial period, users can continue to receive monthly reports by email, access to the dashboard, and 24/7 support. Signup and install are seamless by heading to the Shopify and BigCommerce stores.

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