Classic Rock Producer Announces Gonzo Hardihood Musical Comedy Screenplay 'Searching for Elvis'

What IF? Elvis faked his death, had been living in Las Vegas, and wanted to make his comeback but no one believed it was really him. A new movie screenplay by a rock 'n roll veteran details how his old bandmates were "Searching for Elvis."

Classic Rock Producer Lou Volpano, with credits including “The Blues Brothers,” announced the release today of his Gonzo Hardihood screenplay Searching for Elvis©.

“I booked and produced around 2,000 concerts in the Classic Rock period, and being behind the scenes, I saw firsthand, as Muhammad Ali said: ‘Jokes? There are no jokes. The truth is the funniest joke of all.' Elvis loved a good joke, and this is one more show about Elvis in what has been Elvis-year,” said Volpano.

In the screenplay "Searching for Elvis," it turns out that The King was alive and well living in Las Vegas, unemployed and deeply in debt from too many sprees on the Home Shopping Channel, and after failing as a Karate teacher and jewelry salesman, he’s tired of all of the Elvis impersonators out there and wants to make his comeback, but no one believes it’s really him!

Volpano added: “I wanted to use my behind-the-scenes rock 'n roll show experiences to write a new musical comedy in the genre of The Blues Brothers, because I managed The Blues Brothers Band. Belushi and Aykroyd taught me how to do this because I was there 24/7. I’m the rock ‘n roll Michael Lewis.”

Lou Volpano has 49 years of entertainment talent development and production experience across a broad scope of themed entertainment markets, managing rock shows, including The Blues Brothers Movie, Iron Maiden, Journey and Alice Cooper Live, Cheap Trick for HBO, Bob Dylan's 30th Anniversary for Columbia Records, and literally hundreds more.

Source: Lou Volpano, author

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