Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. Offers Expert Advice on the New Trend and Popularity of Engineered Stone

South Florida Marble Cleaning and Restoration Company Advises on How Quartz is Quickly Gaining Ground for Natural Stone & its Effects

Classic Marble Restoration, Inc., South Florida's premier marble cleaning and restoration company, recommends hiring vendors who know what they are doing for restoring or repairing engineered stone such as quartz.

Engineered stone is constructed from quartz crystals that are held together with a film-forming adhesive known as resin binder. These newer engineered materials are not only susceptible to scratches and stains; they are not as forgiving as natural stones with regards to restoration when they become scratched or stained.  In many instances, the engineered stones cannot be improved upon, while as their natural competitors can. There are many different brands of engineered stone such as Pompeii, Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone and Zodiac.

“This is why it is best to use actual ‘natural stones,’ such as granite or marble for kitchens, bars, and bathroom counters. Granite, unlike engineered stone, can easily be refinished and remedied (although rarely needed) by most reputable marble polishing companies like us,” said Devin Vance, son and Owner of Classic Marble Restoration, Inc.

There are also many dense and hard natural stones that are nearly impossible to stain and rarely ever need professional attention. Although engineered stone looks and feels like the real thing, it is far trickier to manage and maintain; and, often times, needs complete replacing if damaged.

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