Claromentis Named One of UK's 'Top 25 SME Culture Leaders' by Real Business

Claromentis are recognised as one of the UK's top 25 SME culture leaders by renowned SME journal Real Business.

Claromentis voted "Top 25 SME Culture Leader" by Real Business

Digital workplace and intranet software provider, Claromentis, have been named 2018's "Top 25 SME Culture Leaders" by Real Business.

Claromentis "stood out to the judges as exemplifying commitment, vision, and passion towards building and driving a strong and inclusive company culture", said Real Business.

This marks an outstanding achievement for Claromentis, who have consistently championed company culture for their staff and clients alike.

This is a very significant award for Claromentis. All business owners are very familiar with working on the numerical side of their businesses, like sales forecasts, budgets, board papers, reports and dashboards. But in the case of company culture the rewards - although massive - are not so easily captured in detailed figures. Claromentis have worked so hard and so consistently on our culture for more than a decade, so it is great to get recognition in this important area of business success.

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Digital workplace software drives company culture

For Claromentis, the biggest driver behind being able to deliver what is now award-winning company culture, is by using their own digital workplace software. It empowers Claromentis staff and their customers to work flexibly, remotely, and autonomously. Instant messaging, social feeds, documents, and news are all available in real-time, in the same place, and accessible from any location.

The Claromentis mission is to provide an "integrated digital workplace that helps companies share information, work smarter, and engage with people to reach their goals." Their latest award from Real Business reflects just how meaningful and relevant their mission is.

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Founded in 1998 with headquarters in the UK, Claromentis have 20 years of intranet and digital workplace experience under their belts. Deploying a new digital workplace every week, Claromentis provide their software to global customers of all scopes and sizes, such as Virgin Care, NHS, Guinness World Records, Serious Fun Children's Network, and Golden State Warriors.

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