Clark State College/Stark State College to Adopt Stenograph's MAXScribe™ End-to-End Solution to Educate Digital Reporting Students

Stenograph®, LLC announces a partnership with Clark State College/Stark State College to further its support of court reporter education. In addition to their current courses teaching stenography and Stenograph's industry-leading CATalyst® software, Clark State/Stark State will be introducing a digital reporting certificate program with two short-term certificate tracks (Professional Digital Reporter or Professional Digital Editor) into their current Judicial Court Reporting degree program starting in January 2023. Clark State/Stark State's new digital reporting or editing certificate programs will be educating students on Stenograph's digital court reporting software, MAXScribe, and leveraging material from the Stenograph Digital Reporting Academy within the curriculum with the goal of preparing the students for AAERT certification.

"The two digital certificate programs are important because they will help fill an overwhelming need for reporters across the country and allow students to get a short-term certificate (16 weeks) that provides American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) certification opportunities and employment opportunities upon achieving the certificate," said Robyn Hennigan, program coordinator/senior technical instructor of Judicial Court Reporting at Clark State. 

Rene Eneix from Stark State mentioned that both certificates are recognized by the State of Ohio's initiative for short-term certificates for in-demand careers, and both are eligible for financial aid assistance. "Our shared curriculum will provide students with technical training and understanding of the digital court reporting software, legal proceedings, and ethical standards to capture and preserve the verbatim records digitally," said Eneix.

"Stenograph is invested in building partnerships with schools to build a workforce of proficient MAXScribe users that are CER, CET and CDR certified. This is a great career opportunity for students of all ages to enter the court reporting field and our customers are hiring graduates upon completion of Clark State/Stark State's programs," said Janet Harris, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Stenograph. 

Stenograph and Clark State/Stark State feel strongly that there should be an educated, certified court reporter in every deposition or courtroom, remote or in-person. To meet the market demand, they feel a responsibility to help support and grow the number of students graduating from school and entering the field. As part of Stenograph's commitment to education, they are licensing training materials to partner schools to educate and graduate reporters through the Stenograph Education Network. Starting with the Clark State/Stark State joint program, Stenograph will be providing training on MAXScribe by licensing materials from our Digital Reporting Academy. Additionally, Stenograph will license general courses on digital reporting to schools looking to expand their court reporting offerings with the goal of preparing students for AAERT certifications such as CER, CET, and CDR. 

For more information on Stenograph's Education Network, please contact Stenograph Enterprise sales at, and to learn more about the Clark State/Stark State PDR and PDR short-term certificate programs, visit and/or or contact Robyn Hennigan at or Rene Eneix at

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