Claritysoft's Clarity CRM Offering Automated Email Marketing Solutions for Small & Large Businesses

Claritysoft is revolutionizing email marketing with a powerful new Marketing platform that's intuitive and easy yet delivers on capabilities.


Today, Claritysoft unveils its new marketing platform, Clarity Engage. Engage is the newest edition to the Claritysoft CRM platform and will further extend Claritysoft's capabilities to help companies grow their customer base.

Clarity Engage is a powerful marketing platform for building sophisticated, multi-email nurturing campaigns as well as basic, single email communications, such as marketing offers, product announcements, newsletters, holiday greetings, or surveys. 

Clarity Engage comes with an extensive library of professionally designed email templates that customers can use as a starting point to create branded and professional-looking emails. The drag-and-drop email designer enables users to build beautiful and engaging emails from scratch, as well.

The audience segmenting tools are exceptional and feature easy-to-use search functionality, making it simple to build hyper-targeted recipient segments and facilitate the sending of highly personalized emails.

Campaign analytics provide an aggregate view into campaign performance, including opens, clicks, conversions, bounces, unsubscribes as well as geography and hardware used by your audience. Campaign analytics provide actionable insights to help improve marketing strategy and capture ROI.

With a reputation for delivering easy-to-use yet robust CRM solutions, Claritysoft continues that tradition with a powerful marketing platform that's easy to use yet delivers the marketing horsepower that most companies require. Today, companies are looking for a faster and easier way to realize the benefits of email marketing. Clarity Engage is designed to meet that need, enabling everyday business users to leverage the power of Clarity Engage without significant technical knowledge.

About Claritysoft

Claritysoft, a leader in CRM solutions, helps drive company growth through an all-in-one CRM and Marketing platform. Clarity CRM aligns marketing, sales and services teams so they can work together to acquire more customers and keep them happy. To learn more about Claritysoft, visit:

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