Civil War Museum Announces: FREE Family Holiday Event: A Victorian Christmas; Fun for All Ages, Celebrate in Kenosha WI, With Music, Crafts and Games!

Celebrate a Victorian Christmas with the Kenosha Civil War Museum, Saturday, December 5th, 2015, 11am to 5pm. Fun for the whole family, all ages. Enjoy programs, music, crafts, and dances from the Civil War era. Make Christmas ornaments and cards, play games, enjoy performances by the Civil War Christmas Singers, and the West Side Victorian Dancers. Sponsored by the Friends of the Museums.

Celebrate Christmas Victorian Style with the Kenosha Civil War Museum, in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Enjoy a day full of fun and interesting programs, music, crafts, and dance from the Civil War era.

Bring the whole family and make Christmas Crafts including cards and decorations from the Victorian era.  Trade in the modern devices of today for the simple traditions of the Civil War era, and learn how civilians, soldiers, and their families, celebrated Christmas during that historic time.  See how the soldiers endured the icy cold of winter warfare, and learn how the actions and consequences of that time affected the women on both sides of the conflict, laying much of the groundwork for future movements, including major strides toward equality for women.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Museums, this free, fun filled day includes a performance by the West Side Victorian Dancers, demonstrating 19th century dance, and songs by the The Civil War Christmas Singers.  The Victorian Christmas Celebration will be held Saturday, December 5th,   2015, beginning at 11am and includes the following:    

11am-3pm Family Crafts and Games


  • Make a Potato Print greeting card.
  • Create a Victorian-era cornucopia, a cone-shaped ornament made from paper, ribbon, and lace. Fill it with small candies and hang it on your tree.
  • Make a Thaumatrope; a piece of cardboard with a drawing on each side and two pieces of string looped through the cardboard to make the cardboard spin. When the thaumatrope spins rapidly, the pictures seem to merge together into one.

Wealthy Victorian children amused themselves in their spare time with many forms of play, one of which was games.

  • A popular drawing game was played by each child taking a turn rolling the dice, and if the correct number came up, they were allowed to draw a portion of their picture.
  • Another family favorite was Tiddledy Winks.  This game consisted of using a large button to flip a smaller button into a bowl or dish.  The person with the most buttons in their bowl at the end of the game was the winner.  Tiddledy Winks continued as a craze for almost a decade.
  • 11am:  The West Side Victorian Dancers demonstrate and teach the popular dances of the nineteenth century.
  • 12pm: A Soldier's Christmas and Winter Camp”  Reenactor Steve Acker discusses how the Civil War soldiers set up winter camps, the equipment they used, and how they observed the Christmas holiday.
  • 12:45pm: “The Civil War, A Woman's Point of View”  a program presented by Jenna Theissen, in which she discusses the experiences shared by the women on both sides of the conflict, how they dealt with the war, how it forever changed them, and the course of women’s history, by planting the seeds for future movements.
  • 1:45pm: The Civil War Christmas Singers, made up of members of the Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Music Fraternity. The musical program is based on stories, letters, and songs of the Civil War soldiers stationed at the front, at Christmastime. The group will perform carols well known to us today and Civil War songs such as The Battle Cry of Freedom and When Johnny Comes Marching Home.
  • 2:30pm:  Once again, the West Side Victorian Dancers take the stage to demonstrate and teach the popular dances of the nineteenth century.

The Kenosha Public Museums offer a variety of free, family, community events throughout the year.  Located just 25 minutes from Milwaukee, and 55 minutes from Chicago, the museums make the perfect destination for day trips, family trips, and field trips.  For a full schedule of events, exhibits and more, log on to or call 262-653-4140.

Civil War Museum

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