CitySide Distribution Expands Into North Carolina Market

The director of operations at CitySide Distribution highlighted the company's expansion into North Carolina. He outlined the benefits of moving into new markets.

“I am happy to announce that CitySide Distribution is thriving,” said  the director of operations. “This move is part of our approach to identify and target new demographics for the brands we represent.”

According to national polls, North Carolina’s workers are 36% more productive than average. “North Carolina provides an ideal business landscape for us,” said the director. “The state is home to leading academic institutions and a diverse population. This wide range of talent is what we look for here at CitySide Distribution. Plus, the high quality of life contributes to overall job satisfaction and retention.”

"We must develop low-cost, high-yield promotions which employ the latest technical capabilities,"

The state’s investment in communications, coupled with low overhead, make North Carolina an ideal place to do business. “We must develop low-cost, high-yield promotions which employ the latest technical capabilities,” said the director.  “Here, we can innovate without limitations.”

The move to a new location also provides career opportunities for existing team members. “When we expand into new markets, we also offer new experiences to our associates,” he said. “One such person is Patrick, who has proven that he is ready to assume a leadership role in our new North Carolina office. His dedication and career focus have prepared him for this new position. We are looking forward to his success.”

CitySide Distribution Shared the Benefits of Entering New Markets

“We are ready to win in North Carolina,” stated the director. “Our infrastructure has been established.” The team will have access to CitySide Distribution’s entire suite of tools, including analysis capabilities and customer demographics information. “We are ready to hit the ground running and execute our strategy. Everyone is ready to win!” he added.

One thrilling aspect of opening an office is reaching fresh audiences. “We have scalable methods, so we can easily access new markets,” said the director. “This gives us the chance to work on innovative campaigns while we leverage the capabilities that we have built over the years. As a result, the brands we represent receive a unique perspective backed by solid expertise.”

The Director of Operations and the executive team are looking forward to great success in North Carolina. “We are encouraged by everything this situation has to offer,” he said. “The region has an ideal business climate, and the state’s quality of life will boost team morale. I am confident that CitySide Distribution will become a leader in this market in no time.”

About CitySide Distribution

CitySide Distribution is a results-driven consulting and marketing services firm committed to delivering interactive promotions that drive brand loyalty and growth. Their passionate team of brand ambassadors has the talent and initiative to develop specialized campaigns that create lasting connections between clients and their customers, and their unique communication channels produce immediate, impressive results. CitySide Distribution fosters a family environment that gives their executives the freedom and support to design innovative promotions based on careful market research and consumer analysis. As a result, they have earned the opportunity to work with a diverse group of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies.