City Brew Tours Announces Scholarship for Women of Color

Talent on Tap Scholarship

City Brew Tours, an award-winning curator of craft beer tours and experiences in North America, announces the establishment of the annual Talent on Tap Scholarship program to support women of color from unique backgrounds who have a desire to make a lasting impact in the beer industry. Applications open Monday, October 5th and will be accepted until December 1st. The first program award will be made in January 2021.

In a time of economic stress and racial inequity, City Brew Tours acknowledges the need for a beer community that is supportive of and inclusive to all. This scholarship is a continuation of its efforts to mobilize change and encourage diversity. As one of the leaders in educational craft beer experiences, City Brew Tours knows that access to education ignites change, sparks excitement, and produces opportunities for innovation. With this scholarship, City Brew Tours hopes to do just that. 

“Beer is one of the most diverse products in the world and has always been that way. There are limitless ways to combine the many unique ingredients to produce something great, something unforgettable,” says Barry Hansen, the company’s Chief Operating Officer. “As an industry, beer has completely missed out on a lesson it could have learned simply from looking in its own glass, and we at City Brew Tours want to do anything in our power to correct that. The Talent on Tap scholarship is the first step in supporting those who are underrepresented in the industry because we know they can only make it better.”

The Talent on Tap Scholarship will be open to all women of color 18 years or older who are interested in pursuing education related to the beer industry. The scholarship will provide financial support for a wide range of educational pursuits such as Beer Science programs, Cicerone® Certifications, and other hospitality certifications. City Brew Tours hopes this scholarship provides opportunity for the recipient and will be one of the catalysts for the dynamic, diverse craft beer culture shift we’ve been asking for. City Brew Tours understands that financial support on its own is not sufficient to combat the lack of diversity in the brewing industry. In addition to the financial award, the Talent on Tap program will cultivate a community that supports all applicants with non-financial measures. Some of those efforts include a mailing list for beer industry job opportunities among the more than 150 brewery affiliates showcased on City Brew Tours, as well as identifying opportunities for apprenticeships and mentor programs to expand access on the ground level of the industry to all women of color. To apply for the scholarship, visit


Taylor McCune
888-623-8687 ext 100

Source: City Brew Tours

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