Citrus Technology Releases Free Data Analysis and Data Quality Tool for MySQL and Firebird

Citrus Technology Ltd have released a free Community Edition of their Data Analysis & Data Quality tool, Citrus Replay.

This Edition provides all the functionality of the commercial editions but with support for MySQL and Firebird databases only.


* All the features of our Professional Edition, but limited to MySQL and Firebird databases
* Connect to and browse your databases using native connections. No other drivers or other downloads needed
* Create queries quickly with syntax highlighting and drag & drop
* Review and explore results with customisable highlighting, sorting, grouping, ad hoc filtering, and quick statistics
* Quickly drill-down into the underlying data
* Interactive charting
* Interactive business rules and decision trees
* Re-run queries and compare their results over time
* Explore your data quickly with frequency distribution and pattern analysis
* Comprehensive search to find and review historic results
* Reuse your analysis, even across different databases
* Benefit from built-in data encryption to ensure data security

Price & Availability
Citrus Replay Community Edition is Free.
The Professional Edition, which adds support for most relational databases, Excel and text files, costs GBP199. While the Enterprise Edition, which includes support for shared repositories and a 5-user license, costs GBP995.

About Citrus Technology
Citrus Technology Ltd is a UK-based software company, founded in 2006, that is dedicated to the development of simple, affordable and easy-to-use data analysis tools for all data sources.

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David Ross
Citrus Technology Ltd.