Citrio Browser: An Improved Media Player Experience

Citrio Browser introduces an updated Media Player with playlist for favorite songs and videos.

Catalina Group introduces major updates to the Citrio web-browser’s built-in Media Player. The updated brings an improved Media Player user interface with several new features added, most notably, the option to create playlists for music tracks and video clips.

The Media Player is one of the relatively new features introduced in the Citrio browser. Its main purpose has previously been to play video files while they are still being downloaded. Later, music playback was added as further improvements were introduced. The latest Media Player update improves the user interface to make it more stylish, while paving the way for user-generated playlists.

This is yet another new feature of Citrio that contributes to its complete all-in-one experience of a media-focused web browser.

Jack Fain, Project Leader

The left-side sidebar in Media Player is used for creating and storing playlists of audio and video files. Three pre-set playlists (All Music, All Video, and Your Favorites) can be filled with all types of media content stored locally on the user’s computer due to the support of a wide variety of formats. Additional playlists can be created by the user for any type of content to host media libraries of any size.

The controls and navigation in Media Player have also been improved. Adding music to Your Favorites playlist can be done in one-click, volume can be controlled with the mouse wheel, and the Shuffle and Repeat options contribute to seamless music and video playback sessions. One of the most visually noticeable improvements is that Media Player now automatically displays the audio track’s meta information, such as track title, artist, release date, and the album cover, which doubles as a background picture.

Jack Fain, Citrio project leader says:

“The idea behind the improved Media Player is to make it more functional and thus more viable as a day-to-day video and music player. It’s difficult to compete against dedicated media players, but the Media Player in Citrio is designed to provide a basic, yet comprehensive media experience right out of the box. The users of Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers have embraced the idea of using their browser as a simple PDF viewer. This approach gives the possibility to reduce the number of software that users must keep an eye on, update and launch separately.

With the advent of music streaming services, we tend to launch offline music players less frequently. You might not even need to have one installed anymore. Having a built-in media player for music and video inside your browser is a perfect back-up plan that won’t fail you when you need to play some locally stored files. This is yet another new feature of Citrio that contributes to its complete all-in-one experience of a media-focused web browser.”

About Citrio

Citrio is a new generation browser for Windows and Mac OS. Initially released in 2013, Citrio continues to gain popularity among users due to its broad functionality and effectiveness. Based on the Chromium open source project, Citrio browser has all the basic functionality of the Chrome platform complemented by a wide range of built-in add-ons: a download manager, proxy manager, torrent manager, etc. Citrio’s built-in malware and phishing protection provide complete security and safety of use.