Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph BL5435-58E Men's Watch

The crown and the pushers are solid slugs of metal, rounded off beautifully to an impeccable finish.

Those looking for a suitable alternative to a regular wear mechanical timepiece shall find this Citizen downright attractive altogether. A gadget-lover’s dreams come true through this Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph; the BL5435-58E is a lot of whammy at a budget price. A mechanical watch can’t possibly have so many complications; even if it does, it shall be far from affordable, not within the range of the common man. Besides, one can’t grant the mechanical as much durability as Citizen has given to this Eco-Drive. Heaps of functions take this timepiece to its logical technical limits and allow one keep pushing its usage further and further.

This Citizen Aqualand BL5435-58L is one step short of its atomic brethren; rest, it’s the same. It runs on an Eco-Drive movement; it has an alarm, a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, a second time-zone and a 24 hrs indicator. Once one properly set it up, one need to adjust it no more for as long as it exists. But it’s pretty tough to keep one's hands off from playing around with the functions. Don’t worry; one feel that because resetting is a pleasure, for all the modes and that can become an addictive eye candy. Or, one’ll need to readjust in case the power runs down completely, which is virtually impossible, for it charges with light; even artificial lights. Unless one is a caveman completely devoid of the Sun, the power shall never run down.

The whiz-bang features and conveniences apart, it takes one's breath away with its build and material quality and only Citizen knows how to do that at such a low price. The heft is definitely lesser than that of a high-end mechanical, but it is comfortable and not as less as some might think. It is way heavier compared to other Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar watches. It is both conservative and progressive in its style and looks; the clean markings and edges contributing to it big time. The crown and the pushers are solid slugs of metal, rounded off beautifully to an impeccable finish. Nothing flimsy here; they respond back with an assuring smoothness. Be it the turn of the crown or the confident clicks of the pushers. All time, every time.

Coming to wearing comfort, it’s mentioned before the heft is neither too much, nor too low; now, that applies to anyone but jelly-wrists. It rather comes across as a cool piece of wearable gadget for most and a surprisingly forward piece for the rest. To the former, it just might not qualify as a watch but as a true instrument for fine time measurements on the wrist, disguised in a dressy/sporty appearance. Anyone with hots for a high-function Citizen Eco Drive Calendar watch that doesn’t cost a bomb shouldn’t let it go.

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