Citations Manager Launches Dashboard Solution for Business' Prominence in Voice Search, Maps, and Google

The new online software is an all-in-one dashboard where businesses manage their local online listings

Citations Manager has introduced newly launched web technology that allows small-to-medium companies to manage all of their business listings in one dashboard. The website, launched in August 2019, provides for 24-hour monitoring and alerts to changes to each listing that is managed. The fully integrated dashboard helps to sync the latest information that a business enters and ensures that there is continuity across hundreds of the established online business directories and map websites. 

Larger companies can also make use of the technology by managing each individual location and each of its local directory listings. A high volume of listings -- all with continuity -- is known to contribute to higher rankings in search engines, map search, and voice searches.  

In addition to advanced syncing features, the local citation software service allows businesses to contribute to the custom fields that each business listing affords. For example, special promotions and social media integrations can be done right on the dashboard without having to individually manage each listing. Another valuable tool is the ability to monitor, manage, and answer all incoming reviews that come in through various websites. 

Most of the major listing sites are also GEO-enabled, which makes the management of such listings of top importance with the advent of voice search. It has become all too prevalent that small businesses have inaccurate information about them on the web. This can range from old addresses, old phone numbers and inaccurate website addresses, all the way to misleading information that was purposely put there by disgruntled employees or competitors. 

As of the time of this release, there are a few dozen listing locations that can provide direct analytics feedback to business users in regards to listing visits, map clicks, phone number clicks, and more. All of these are viewable through the Citations Manager dashboard. 

There are also higher levels of coverage available on the dashboard, for an additional charge. For example, higher packages allow businesses to block duplicate listings on a single directory. This has been known to cause confusion among users looking for businesses. Also, businesses can schedule and manage their social media posts through the Citations Manager dashboard as well. 

For more information or to make a media inquiry, please contact the media relations line at (213) 332-9255.

Source: Citations Manager

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