Citadel Beverages - Formulating Brand Visions Into Lasting Legacies

Joining the elite group of beverage importers & suppliers

Citadel Beverages is quickly building momentum as they work alongside craft wine and spirits producers to decision-make, launch, market, grow, and sell their products. Their passion is to provide the necessary tools needed to make sure brands' stories are heard across the Americas.

Brendan Feeley, Founder and CEO, is a 30-year veteran in the beverage business. As a graduate of The Citadel, he wanted to base the company's work ethic on efficiency, honor and fidelity, inspired from the Good Conduct Medal, which is one of the oldest military awards of the United States. "Launching a brand is not enough; it is important to continue creating availability and awareness for the consumer every day."

Citadel will help immediately boost producers' top lines while nurturing and growing market share for their creations. The end result will be experiencing the fidelity of success through increased revenue. Their vast network of distribution partners and established sales channels will further accelerate the exposure of select spirits and wines by crafting a distinct legacy for every brand throughout the country.

Citadel's growing brand portfolio currently consists of Driftless Glen Distillery, Comisario Tequila, Nativo Rum, Connacht Whiskey, Cockspur Rum, Betini Cocktails and Tasmanian Pure Vodka. Citadel Beverages plans to launch and partner with additional brands including spirits, wines and cordials.




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