Cirrus Link Announces Electronic Flow Measurement ABB Totalflow Module

Ignition Module Significantly Reduces Configuration Time and Errors with Auto-Discovery

Cirrus Link today announced the availability of the Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) ABB Totalflow Module for the Ignition 7 and 8 platform by Inductive Automation. The Module is a protocol driver for the Ignition SCADA platform that communicates with ABB Totalflow computers to poll for any AAR register values and make them available as tags in Ignition. The ABB module can also acquire any of the EFM data within a Totalflow unit including Alarms, Events and Historical data and insert the resulting EFM data directly into any SQL database that the Ignition platform is connected to.

The EFM ABB Totalflow Module uses an auto-discovery mode on startup or reconfiguration to find applications running on Totalflow and significantly reduce both configuration time and errors in setting up polling for EFM data. The real power of the solution is realized by coupling the EFM ABB Totalflow Module with the MQTT Modules by Cirrus Link to distribute polling to the edge, thus increasing bandwidth utilization and providing increased response times of SCADA data.

The Cirrus Link EFM ABB Totalflow Module provides the following benefits when used with MQTT Modules:

· Supports G2 Late, G3, G4 Early, G4 Late, and G5 for real-time SCADA and all EFM data

· Auto-discovery of Totalflow Application Slot number assignments

· Runs on Ignition and Ignition Edge platforms

· Can access any AAR including from user programs

· Supports EFM Alarms, Events, and Historical Logs

"We are pleased to add another EFM Module to our offerings to provide the oil and gas industry with more options to gather EFM data quickly and efficiently," said Arlen Nipper, President and CTO, Cirrus Link. "Extracting and sharing EFM data from Totalflow is challenging but with auto-discovery customers can significantly reduce the time and money they spend on configuration, while reducing errors to successfully poll for EFM data."

All Cirrus Link IIoT modules for the Ignition platform can be installed, removed, and upgraded without impacting operations or affecting the rest of the system. The previously announced EFM Emerson ROC Module is also now available for Ignition 7 and 8.

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