CIETY Announced Collaboration With Polygon Studios

Anyone can easily build a community that integrates with the web3 economy, and use various features for the web3 gaming community in the Polygon ecosystem.


CIETY, a blockchain social media startup, has announced their collaboration with Polygon Studios in September. Using CIETY, anyone can easily build their own community integrated with web3 economy. CIETY adds blockchain technology to text, video, photo and chat features. For example, if a creator posts a video of cool game play or useful game tips within the community on CIETY, other community members could present the creator with a Polygon native token MATIC or Polygon-based ERC 1155 game tokens as a gift.

CIETY also provides various features for building web3 community such as NFT posting and token gating - which allow users to set exclusive channels for only certain NFT holders to enter.

Through collaboration with Polygon Studios, CIETY plans to provide tools that support web3 game community and NFT communities within the Polygon ecosystem to build their community easier.

"We are happy to collaborate with Polygon studios to grow the web3 ecosystem together. This year, we will bring out new values and use cases created by web3 community tools and social media through the launch of mobile apps and collaboration with more game developers," said Indong Yoo, CEO of CIETY.

CIETY is available for download through App Store and Google Play.

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CIETY is a blockchain social media company that operates 'CIETY', a web 3.0 communication tool for web3 games, NFT projects and DAOs. CIETY is funded by Hashed and verse2 in June 2022.

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