Cielo Expanding Its Product Portfolio by Introducing Cielo Breez Eco in White Color

White Cielo Breez Eco

Cielo WiGle Inc. is delighted to announce an addition to its family of smart AC controllers, with the brand new Cielo Breez Eco introduced in white color.

A welcome addition to the Cielo Breez product line, the white Breez Eco enables Cielo’s users to have more options of blending in Cielo products to their home décor aesthetic. Customer convenience and preferences are integral to Cielo's design philosophy, and this new addition only serves as a testament to Cielo’s way of thinking.

The new Cielo Breez Eco is up for pre-orders on our website at While shipping starts January 15, you can secure your white Breez Eco already during the holiday season.

In the words of Waseem Amer, the CEO of Cielo WiGle Inc., "An innovative design process, with the customer forming the base of it, ensures that our company never stagnates. Constant improvement according to the needs of the users is something which we take pride in and will continue to do so".

About Cielo WiGle Inc.

Cielo's products provide unprecedented functionality to the end-user for controlling their air conditioner or heat pump. Global control, weekly scheduling, Comfy mode and geofencing are some of the smart features offered to enhance comfort and energy savings. These devices are backed by Amazon Web Services IoT based cloud, which provides seamless integration between the mobile app, device, and cloud. All Cielo Breez smart devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri Shortcuts.

Cielo product line includes the following products:

Cielo Breez Plus: Smart AC controller with built-in humidity and temperature sensors. On-screen controls with on-device display provide all the information and controls to the user on the device too, thus enabling air conditioning controls even without Wi-Fi.

Cielo Breez Eco: Best-valued smart AC controller for ductless air conditioners, now available in both black and white color options. Cielo Breez Eco has similar functions as Cielo Breez Plus, such as weekly scheduling, Comfy mode, geofencing, and many more.

Cielo Home: Native apps to control your air conditioner from your iOS or Android smartphone.

Cielo World: Enterprise web app to manage & control multiple connected ACs from your desktop.

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