Church of Scientology Hamburg Reaches Out to Counter Drug Pandemic

Through information stands and drug prevention open house events, the Church of Scientology is committed to reaching the youth of Hamburg with the truth about drugs.

​The Hamburg “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” drug prevention initiative is determined to reach youth with factual information about what drugs are and what they do.

Supported by the Church of Scientology of Hamburg, volunteers have distributed some 60,000 drug education booklets in the city this year. They reach out to youth throughout the region with the truth about drugs to help them make informed decisions about this critical issue.

Last Saturday, members took advantage of the glorious spring weather to distribute more than 1,500 books in the St. Georg district, a drug “stronghold” according to Hamburg media. Their presence and activity was welcomed by many passersby—one of whom spontaneously joined in, distributing booklets in the neighborhood.

The week before, some 1,300 books made it into people’s hands in another Hamburg district. Volunteers were delighted to hear the story of a woman who received a copy of one of these booklets two years ago.  She gave the booklet to friends whose son was abusing drugs—and he quit. A local detective also stopped by the booth to tell the volunteers he is thrilled with their work to educate youth on the truth about drugs.

Globally, an estimated 230 million people abuse illegal drugs. Every year 200,000 die from the consequences of drug use. And one in every five Hamburg students has already experimented with drugs.

To provide the community with the tools they need to combat the drug pandemic, the Church holds open house events where they feature videos from The Truth About Drugs campaign in their Public Information Center. At an open house yesterday, volunteers were on hand to answer questions, arrange drug education lectures, provide materials free of charge and set up workshops for anyone wishing to be trained to provide drug prevention lectures.

Scientologists on six continents work in their communities throughout the year to empower others with the truth about drugs. The Church and its members are dedicated to eradicating drug abuse through education.

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