Chromocell Makes Chromovert Technology and Novel Compounds Available to Support COVID-19 Research

​​Chromocell Corporation, a clinical-stage biotech company, today announced that it is making its proprietary Chromovert® Technology available to help accelerate research related to COVID-19 treatment and prevention. Chromovert is a technology that accelerates drug discovery against hard-to-express biological targets. Chromovert has been successfully used to identify a novel, non-addictive pain blocker that is in clinical development. The company is now making its technology available to the scientific community to shorten timelines for the discovery of new COVID-19 treatments. In addition, Chromocell has identified a number of compounds in its pipeline that may help address COVID-19 related disease. The company is submitting proposals to various governmental agencies in response to their recent calls for programs to combat COVID-19. 

Chromocell’s CEO, Christian Kopfli, states, “We recognize the substantial potential of our Chromovert Technology to accelerate the development of treatments against COVID-19 disease. Leveraging our unique cellular engineering platform, we are open to collaborate with any interested party as the scientific community searches for a much-needed cure. Considering the enormous public health impact of this virus, there is no time to lose.”  

In addition to making its platform drug discovery technology available as a research tool to laboratories worldwide, Chromocell will also create a suite of laboratory cells that express the key biological components of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 disease. The pathogenic and infectious nature of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus currently prevents many interested research laboratories from turning their efforts to finding treatments against COVID-19. By enabling the creation of safe, nonpathogenic cells that express key viral proteins in the absence of the live, infectious virus, numerous additional research laboratories will be enabled to engage in critical research against SARS-CoV-2 in the laboratory setting, including high-throughput screening to discover new therapeutics for treatment or prevention of COVID-19 related illness. Chromocell will share its cellular coronaviral reagents with all interested researchers in industry and academia as they become available.

Chromocell has in its pipeline a number of molecules with the potential to ease pulmonary injuries caused by COVID-19. The compounds include activators and blockers of the Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC). SARS coronavirus proteins have already been reported to decrease the activity of ENaC. ENaC is an ion channel that plays a key role in maintaining fluid balance in the lung where its disruption may result in many pulmonary lung diseases, including COVID-19 acute respiratory distress syndrome. Chromocell’s ENaC molecules have the potential to relieve some of the respiratory consequences of coronavirus infection. Chromocell offers to collaborate with anyone in the industry and academic community to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics against COVID-19.

About Chromovert Technology

Chromovert Technology enables Chromocell to use rare cells ideally suited for effective high-throughput screening. Chromocell’s therapeutics pipeline is focused on analgesics and rare diseases, where Chromovert technology has proven highly effective in the rapid identification of potential new drug candidates. 

About Chromocell Corporation

Chromocell is a life sciences company that improves consumer products and patient lives through breakthrough science and technologies. Chromocell is focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics and flavors through the use of our Chromovert® Technology.

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