Christopher Gorayeb Champions Equity and Diversity at Bates College

Gorayeb & Associates Founder Leads Initiatives to Support Marginalized and Undocumented Students at His Alma Mater

Christopher Gorayeb at Bates College

Gorayeb & Associates is proud to highlight the philanthropic efforts of its founder, Christopher Gorayeb, a Bates College alumnus who has significantly contributed to promoting equity, diversity, and financial aid for students from marginalized backgrounds, including undocumented students, at his alma mater, Bates College.

Christopher Gorayeb, who graduated in 1980 and later served on the board of trustees for 15 years, has been a driving force behind several initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational experience for students facing systemic barriers. His establishment of The Gorayeb Family Fund for Equity and Diversity in 2017 marks a cornerstone in Bates College's efforts to promote equity and inclusion. The fund annually supports diversity programs and events, including providing winter clothing for students in need and establishing a dedicated campus space for marginalized students to access resources and build community.

For a detailed overview of The Gorayeb Family's impact, visit: Bates College Campaign News.

Elevating his commitment, in 2021, Gorayeb pledged his support to The Schuler Access Initiative, targeting Pell-eligible students and low-income and undocumented students. The Schuler Access Initiative matched contributions from Bates donors like Gorayeb, funneling a $70 million boost into financial aid for undocumented and Pell-eligible students at Bates.

Discover more about this transformative initiative: The Schuler Access Initiative at Bates.

Christopher Gorayeb's philanthropic endeavors at Bates College reflect a deep-seated belief in the power of education to transform lives and break down systemic barriers. His work exemplifies a broader mission of social responsibility and advocacy, mirroring the values he embodies through his leadership at Gorayeb & Associates. The firm, known for its vigorous defense of construction accident victims, extends its commitment to justice and community support, underscoring a holistic approach to making a difference in society.

About Gorayeb & Associates: 

Gorayeb & Associates, a leading New York law firm founded by Christopher Gorayeb, specializes in personal injury and construction accident cases. The firm is renowned for its unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights and well-being of workers and their families. Parallel to its legal endeavors, Gorayeb & Associates is actively involved in community outreach and philanthropic efforts, aimed at creating equitable opportunities and fostering a more inclusive society.

Source: Gorayeb & Associates