Christianne Van Keuren's New Book 'Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Battle for Elvenfeld Book 3' Tells of a Grand Journey of Magic, Mythical Beasts, and Battles

Christianne Van Keuren, a licensed clinical laboratory technologist who graduated from Rhinebeck H.S. and continued her education at SUNY Delhi where she received an AAS degree in veterinary science and a license for medical lab technician, has completed her most recent book “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Battle for Elvenfeld Book 3”: an electrifying novel of an adventure of great beings across vast lands that teem with mystical forces and creatures that seek dominion.

Christianne writes, “Separated momentarily by a fell beast and a ravine, the trio reunite as the trails converge in pursuit of Nalas at Slithon Mountain. Lynerin’s falconette, Tiabhse, hatches and flies to reach her beloved mistress again. A new weapon of eyes in the skies for Kaleen against Nalas and his troops.

Darius must seek out his sister to pass on vital information regarding Nalas. On his way to Kaleen, Darius finds his soulmate in Vitaria and asks her to become his wife. Teaming up with Kaleen and the others, they run into a large Lorkian scouting party with tragic outcomes for all. Afterward, all eyes turn to Elvenfeld as Nalas’s new target is revealed for destruction and control of all. Sometimes one must pay attention to the ‘invisibles’ in the room when you declare your intentions.”

Published by Fulton Books, Christianne Van Keuren’s book contains a bewitching plot that emanates with chivalry and enchantment that inspires excitement and thrill.

Follow the suspenseful exploits of brave individuals from various races who band together in the wake of an oncoming war that will decide the fate of their realm.

Readers who wish to experience this masterful work can purchase “Sylvan Elf Chronicles: Battle for Elvenfeld Book 3” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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