ChristiaNet Announces New Blockchain Marketing Initiatives

Blockchain and a New World of Digital Marketing

Blockchain Technologies

With the blockchain decentralized ledger promising faster, cheaper and efficient infrastructures for real-world applications, billions of dollars are flowing into pilot projects and start-ups from entrepreneurs around the world. Currently, Bitcoin and the Altcoin markets are worth $400 Billion and growing. Blockchain’s technology, security, and immutability have also given rise to a revolutionary new way to form contracts called Smart Contracts. William Cooper, CEO of Christianet, has concluded that “Smart Contract technology will be impossible for companies to ignore as it represents a major paradigm shift to a programmable economy.”

A Smart Contract is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currencies or assets between parties under certain conditions. A Smart Contract not only defines the rules and penalties around an agreement in the same way a traditional contract does but it also automatically validates the contract conditions and enforces those obligations through code alleviating the need for litigation. Smart contracts work synergistically with blockchain technology, and Mr. Cooper has concluded that “Smart Contracts have the staggering potential to automate, disrupt, and replace processes across many industries.” With its potential to disintermediate financial institutions, remittance companies, and many other transactional middleman businesses, companies across all business verticals will be left with no other choice than to implement Smart Contracts as part of their future business and marketing plans. 

The number of applications that utilize Blockchain and Smart Contract technology has grown exponentially. Blockchain capabilities have proven useful in fields such as real estate, supply chain logistics, government contracts, insurance policies, the pharmaceutical industry, music industry, medical records, investment funds, mining, banking, and advertising. According to Accenture research published in early 2017, investment banks alone could save up to $12 billion a year by adopting blockchain and Smart Contract technologies. Gartner has estimated that by 2022, Smart Contracts will be used by more than 25 percent of global organizations.

The evolution of Smart contracts will radically change the economy as we know it.  Major players like Microsoft and IBM are currently offering Blockchain solutions to their enterprise clients. Tech startups are aggressively capitalizing on the tech explosion by building new services and products that utilize the Blockchain. And this is only the beginning. With a new technological revolution on the horizon, a new form of marketing and storytelling is needed. ChristiaNet’s CEO, William T. Cooper believes that “companies embracing the Blockchain and Smart Contract technology are poised to gain a significant competitive advantage over their competition.” Mr. Cooper has further determined that the “early adopters will revolutionize how business is conducted today by dominating their market space and permanently displacing their competition.”

ChristiaNet is a pioneer in Digital and Social Media Marketing. Since 1997, we have worked in every conceivable industry from the solo entrepreneurs to multi-national corporations to produce millions in revenues. Our CEO, William T. Cooper, holds a Master’s in Economics and a Computer Science Degree enabling him to thrive in high-tech, high-performance environments.

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