Christian Tyoder and Lynn Tyoder's New Book 'The Somber Side of a Scientific Mind' Shares the Astounding Friendship Between Two People That Transcends Life and Death

Christian Tyoder, a clinical medical practitioner and published author of dozen scientific research papers; and Lynn Tyoder have completed their most recent book “The Somber Side of a Scientific Mind”: a riveting narrative that tells of the awe-inspiring friendship between two individuals that go beyond race, status, and even loss.

Christian writes, “Destiny brought together two individuals of different ethnicity, culture, background, age, and education during a house-bound snowstorm. Abdulai and Hans had only a short and direct personal contact that ended with the blizzard, but their genuine friendship outlasted even death.

More than thirty years passed without any contact between the surviving family members of the deceased and his young friend. However, through the fortuitous recovery of a handwritten manuscript found unexpectedly, the memory of the deceased was revived, revealing the remarkable story of his extraordinary life.

This book is the realization of a promise to pass on this incredible legacy. You are invited to step into Abdulai’s life as Hans reveals secrets that will amaze you, surprise you…and possibly change your life!”

Published by Fulton Books, Christian Tyoder and Lynn Tyoder’s book will surely warm the hearts of the readers with its retelling of an unbreakable bond between two people immortalized through time and generations.

This book imparts a perfect definition of true friendship through the thoughtfulness and camaraderie of two men amid a devastating catastrophe that brings wisdom and warmth in one’s heart and mind.

Readers who wish to experience this evoking work can purchase “The Somber Side of a Scientific Mind” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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