Choosing the Right Treadmill for a Fire Station, School, or PT Clinic Just Got Easier

Independent testing shows ERGO Fitness Machines® RunSERIES3 ranks with best Light Commercial class treadmills; European club-level brand engineering means unsurpassed strength and durability

ERGO Fitness Machines® has announced its top-of-the-line RunSERIES3 as a compelling entrant in the Light Commercial duty class of treadmills. Light Commercial treadmills are often chosen for their greater durability when used in fire stations, schools, offices, hotels and physical therapy clinics where the equipment is in operation for 3 to 5 hours per day, every day of the week.

Paul Romanetz, President of ERGO Fitness Machines® explained, "We are a product design, engineering, and manufacturing company. We always knew that the RS3 would easily fit into the Light Commercial market based on rigorous independent testing and certification results. Considering our ergonomic features, thoughtful design, VIP Delivery, and eager customer service staff, you've got the perfect formula to support the Light Commercial market."

Romanetz continued, "The line is being blurred between higher-end Home-Use and Light Commercial machines right now. The ERGO RunSERIES3 offers higher HP (Continuous Horse Power) and larger running surfaces at a better price compared to some other machines offered in the Light Commercial class. ERGO treadmills have proven European Club-Level brand engineering so the durability required for the LC market is there in the frame, motor and running deck."

Consulting the ERGO Fitness Machines® website confirms the RunSERIES3 to have the largest running surface in the ERGO lineup. Additionally, its 3.5 continuous HP Drive Motor delivers 7.0 peak HP, easily accommodating the wide range of users encountered in a Light Commercial setting. Also noteworthy are the 1" running deck (standard on all ERGO treadmills) and 8 precise shock absorbent dampers. The website's developers at Precept Partners added a dedicated page at with additional information on the RS3 and its application in the Light Commercial market. Romanetz concludes, "We've engineered the RunSERIES3 to be a durable, comfortable and highly competitive treadmill in the Light Commercial market. It's the one machine that fits comfortably in your home or…at a fire-station, school, office, physical therapy clinic or any other Light Commercial environment."


ERGO Fitness Machines® is unique among home-use cardio fitness equipment manufacturers in using anthropometric science to drive its product designs. The result is a superior exercise experience, wrapped in elegant European styling and built with club-level quality and durability. ERGO has invested years collaborating, designing, engineering and manufacturing advanced cardio fitness equipment that's ergonomically correct, long lasting and amazingly affordable. ERGO's partner in this journey is Pulse Fitness of the United Kingdom, Europe's leading supplier of club-level fitness equipment for over twenty five years. Pulse's expertise in the area of anthropometric and biomechanical intelligence makes them the leader in ergonomically designed and engineered fitness equipment; more information at