ChooseU Launches New Brand, Continues Mission to Bridge the Skill Gap in US Workforce

ChooseU will continue to serve its enrolled students with the same curriculum and career services as "Powered by Generation: You Employed".

ChooseU was inaugurated as a national workforce nonprofit organization building/driving/fostering economic mobility for historically marginalized communities through relevant skills training, inclusive support systems and employer and community partnerships that enable graduates to launch life-changing careers.

Initially founded as Generation USA, Generation: You Employed, Inc.'s affiliate in the United States, ChooseU has served nearly 700 learners enrolled in its programs this year, with access to Generation: You Employed's training curriculum and systems, as well as career readiness resources and services continuing through 2023.

"We are thrilled to launch our new chapter as ChooseU," said Emily Schaffer, chief executive officer. "We built unprecedented scale for impact as Generation USA, and now we're starting a new chapter because our country needs more pathways to family-sustaining careers, especially in historically marginalized communities where talented people are too often priced out of a college degree. In addition, the emergence of artificial intelligence and the rising costs of living make our mission more urgent than ever before, and we're driven to direct the deep experience of our team toward this effort."

"It is more important than ever to have access to affordable and advanced career training," said Thomas Seitz, chair of the board of directors for ChooseU. "With the end of COVID-related protections, the growing cost of living, and the skills gap, ChooseU will provide vital resources, skills and support that enable learners to break into their fields as well-grounded and competitive candidates."

As Generation USA, the organization served more than 5,000 learners and partnered with more than 10 community colleges and countless community-based organizations in over 15 cities across the country. It has seen a significant impact by serving:  

  • 86% of learners who are Black, Latinx, and/or from other racial minority groups.
  • 57% of learners without a four-year degree.
  • 55% of learners who identify as female.

In 2024, ChooseU will develop new programming and career services, independent of Generation, aiming to build career pathways and economic mobility in communities that are often overlooked but rich in talent. 

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About ChooseU 

ChooseU is a national workforce nonprofit organization that provides relevant workforce skills and opportunities to people in marginalized communities by offering access to comprehensive, career-ready training, inclusive wrap-around support systems, and employer and community partnerships. Its goal is to prepare and support learners in launching life-changing careers that will enable them to earn sustaining wages for their families and communities.  

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About ChooseU

ChooseU is a national workforce non-profit organization that provides relevant workforce skills and opportunities to people in marginalized communities by offering access to comprehensive, career-ready resources, and inclusive support systems.

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