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ChoctailNYC is a brand new innovation in American chocolate artistry, Seductive Artisan Chocolate Truffles Infused with Premium Champagne, Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, Grand Marnier, Cognac, Pear Brandy, Raspberry Chambord, Amaretto, Rum, Sambuca, Bailey's Irish Cream and Drambuie. Handcrafted by NYC's leading Master Chocolatier.

ChoctailNYC, New York City’s chocolates liqueur producer and the winner of 2nd place with the title of “Entrepreneurial New Product of the Year”.  They can distribute and wholesale their chocolate truffle products internationally worldwide. ChoctailNYC company is the several award winning master chocolatiers that provide the tested liqueur truffles.  To get more information about the products and ingredient that used while making it, visit here

The chocolate truffles embody extravagance in the realm of chocolates, particularly on the off chance that they are made with the finest fixings. One taste of their rich and decadent flavor can take a mate of chocolates to joy. Chocolate Truffles have a smooth focus that melts in the mouth, and they can arrive at a collection of flavors and you can experience an exceptional taste.

These velvety, sweet sensations can be submerged in the different treats that add to the force of the chocolates. It's become hard to stop from eating the chocolate because of the nuts that are sprinkled on its top. Frequently chocolatiers will utilize cordials and mixers to refine the kind of their manifestations for grown ups as it were.

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About ChoctailNYC

ChoctailNYC is the Seductive Artisan Truffles combining the Finest Belgian White, Dark & Milk Chocolate with top-shelf Liqueurs using European-style truffle craftsmanship, created by New York City's Leading Master Chocolatier.


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