China's Transformation and Capital Market Depth Offer Long-Term Investment Opportunities

Opportunity for Beijing Investors to Capitalise On China's Market Strength and Tenacity in an Uncertain Market Environment.

CHCEX presented Invest in China Program to Beijing fund managers yesterday to share the latest achievements of the country's Economic Outlook.

Speaking to fund managers, Geng T. Liangding, Chief Executive Officer of CHCEX, emphasised China's natural advantage to tap into the fast-growing Asian markets. "China's unique centrality provides a natural ability for Chinese companies to tap into the growth of Asian markets - a market of over 4 billion people. The large capitalised companies showcased here in Beijing demonstrate the depth of our capital market and those leveraging the Asian growth."

The Chinese delegation also took the opportunity to highlight China's capital market integrity. China has emerged as a world leader in regulatory practices and is recognised to be amongst the world's top 5.

"Being accorded a high status has allowed us to make in-roads with the Chinese funds. In fact, just a couple of days ago we were in Shanghai on a courtesy visit to the Shanghai Exchange where we discussed regional capital market developments", said Mr. Geng T. Liangding.

Jin Meicheng, Chief Investment Officer, indicated that the fund managers acknowledged the program as a positive one. "The Beijing fund managers noted the comprehensiveness of the program. They acknowledged that it should provide an incremental boost to companies in key growth sectors and are thus keen to look at opportunities for their funds."

Chan Danian, CHCEX’s Head of Research for China, shared that some of the interest in China stemmed from the fact that CHCEX has outperformed many of its peer exchanges. "The tenacity of Chinese companies to outperform provides some comfort in the current global market uncertainty and volatility", said Mr. Danian.

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China Commodity Exchange’s (CHCEX) diverse markets span futures and options on interest rates, commodities, indexes and FX, as well as equities and equity options. These markets are relied upon by international market participants, along with our post-trade infrastructure. We are uniquely positioned to provide end-to-end risk management solutions to our customers around the world. CHCEX is a strategic initiative with a mandate to enhance commodity trade flows by providing the appropriate physical, market, financial infrastructure and services required. The Management team of CHCEX comprises senior personnel from the commodities, securities and financial services industries. 

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China Commodity Exchange's (CHCEX) diverse markets span futures and options on interest rates, commodities, indexes and FX, as well as equities and equity options.

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