China Agriculture Sector Given a Boost by Toria Investment

Toria Finance, a global investment firm with holdings of 5.6 billion dollars, has recently set up a billion-dollar trust targeting the agricultural sector in China and the region. The firm’s penetration strategy into the world’s biggest market for food production, food consumption and food import, revolves around two core ideas; harnessing technology for improved harvesting, and establishing collaboration initiatives for local farmers and agriculture companies.

Toria Finance has plans for the creation of a 500 million-dollar agricultural technology park in the near future, which will include a research & development center, an institute of development strategy, a modern agriculture-produce export center, and a logistics center.

"Toria Finance believes in developing an agricultural ecosystem of farmers, sellers and anybody else involved in the process from farm to plate."



Upon completion of the Agriculture Technology Park, Toria Finance will have access to resources that improve harvesting. Plans have been drawn to improve agriculture process through innovation and automation. New tools (e.g. sensors and smart water sprays) will be incorporated into the farming process, increasing efficiency and reducing manpower.

The goal is to create a ‘smart’ farming culture where farmers are better informed by using data generated by sensors placed in the fields. This data is then used by Artificial Intelligence systems that will adjust device settings to determine optimum water volume to be sprayed on crops, and will also adjust temperatures through mechanical roofing to ensure optimal levels of soil fertility. This framework relies on integrating information technology with every aspect of the farming process. 

Biotechnology is another attractive technological agricultural advancement. Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) crops are engineered to suit local farmers. This could reduce insecticide usage and contribute to improved health and a cleaner environment. Crops-engineering includes other innovative products such as ‘Golden Rice’, which upon harvesting promises higher yields, lower production costs, and reduced vitamin A deficiency among the lower-income.

Toria Finance believes in developing an agricultural ecosystem of farmers, sellers and anybody else involved in the process from farm to plate. This collaboration initiative allows for many benefits. Having one platform allows the collection of data which allows for better planning and distribution of crop yields. This data over time can be used to better predict market demand. Logistic companies will never deliver too much harvest, farmers are able to prepare for the sudden surge in demand, and pricing for crops will be more exact.

These translate to more efficient harvesting, higher cost savings and higher returns. Other benefits include centralized distribution centers and the development of more innovative agricultural products.

Toria Finance aims to establish multiples of these collaboration initiatives across China, with the goal of one day linking them into one network, thus creating a single agricultural intranet. 



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