Children's Learning Adventure Understands the Importance of Early Childhood Exercise

Children’s Learning Adventure offers unique environments designed to capture a child’s imagination and encourages exploration. Each campus offers specialty classrooms and an outdoor playground that encourages students to actively engage in the learning process.

A child’s learning environment can directly affect a student’s learning and their overall educational experience, so Children’s Learning Adventure has created their campuses to be engaging, exciting, and fun. They strive to make learning an adventure and encourage their students to actively participate in the learning process in a safe and welcoming environment.

As a part of their curriculum, each Children’s Learning Adventure center has a climate-controlled open gym and an outdoor play area. This gives students the space to practice their agility skills, learn the foundation of team sports, and spend time outside in a safe and fun learning environment.

Children’s Learning Adventure promotes the importance of physical and mental exercise by providing their students with opportunities to challenge themselves with activities that encourage collaboration, good sportsmanship, leadership skills, and perseverance. Students accomplish this while engaging in fun activities that encourage an active lifestyle and set a strong foundation for athletic development.

In addition to a healthy learning environment, children are also taught how to develop lifelong well-being skills through physical activities. At Children’s Learning Adventure, children experience a variety of meaningful, physical activities in a climate controlled indoor gym and outdoor play area. Children develop socially and physically as they interact with peers and teachers daily, building understanding of team and individual sports.

“It’s just as important to exercise our bodies as it is to exercise our brains, which is why we have made it a priority to create a space where children can ignite their excitement in an environment that teaches them team building and camaraderie,” says Rick Sodja, CEO.

Children’s Learning Adventure also hosts monthly Open Houses to share their learning environment with every family! The next upcoming Open House is on Saturday, Feb. 9. To learn more about Children’s Learning Adventure please visit

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