Child Care App Helps Center Directors Increase Parent & Child Engagement

'Family Connection' feature on unrivaled parent engagement app connects parents of children in child care with teachers and staff for maximum growth opportunities

Family Connection

A new app feature by child care management software company Child Care Seer® advances parent/child engagement for families with children enrolled in child care. In recent months, the company officially introduced Family Connection as a major feature of the Seer app as an easier solution to help keep families informed and engaged with their child's daily activities in the classroom. 

"Seer's Family Connection feature is more than just another parent engagement app with pictures of your child's day," says the official company website. "It fosters impactful connection among parents, teachers, staff, children and the entire social structure that helps your child grow to be the best they can be!" 

One source says that parents who are in tune with what is happening with their child at a facility are better able to establish a connection between what is learned at school and what takes place in the home. Daycare center owners and Directors are, therefore, encouraged to utilize this feature. It boasts the ability for center Directors to engage parents with their children's activities at all times while maintaining full control. 

Additional benefits of Family Connection include having a fully functional management and billing system, and owners and Directors having the ability to offer: flexible scheduling options for parents; better work environments for staff; more time for Directors to focus on high-priority tasks; more profit for center owner(s). 

These integrated tools create streamlined communication and engagement between parents and children — something that could well be neglected in the child care space. They can also:

  • Join and move children to and from classrooms
  • Log detailed children's activities like toilet, food, health, mood and more
  • Take pictures/attach documents
  • Start/end classroom events like merge, nap time, meal time, and playground
  • See feed with upcoming events and activities
  • Create alerts for missing children 

Family Connection can conveniently be accessed via tablets, mobile phones, or desktop. More information about the parent/child engagement app can be found by visiting the Child Care Seer®  website and clicking on the Family Connection page under the Features tab. A video is also available with details on how the new feature works.

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Source: Child Care Seer

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