Chike Protein Iced Coffee is Now on Shelves Nationwide

Now in All Albertsons Companies Stores

Chike Protein Iced Coffee Now at Albertsons Companies Stores

Less than a year ago, Chike Protein Iced Coffee could be bought online and in less than 500 grocery stores. Today, Chike Protein Iced Coffee is on the shelves in over 3,500 grocery stores with their recent nationwide retail expansion to all Albertsons Companies stores, which includes Albertsons and Safeway locations, plus many other store banners, such as Jewel-Osco, Vons, Pavilions, Shaws, and more. Forget the long lines for sugary drive-thru coffee, and instead, head to a local grocery store to pick up Chike Protein Iced Coffee for a healthy and delicious alternative.  

Chike Protein Iced Coffee has 20 grams of non-GMO whey protein, two shots of real espresso coffee (150mg of caffeine), and only 1 gram of sugar, making it the perfect breakfast booster, pre-or post-workout snack, or afternoon pick-me-up. The initial rollout in the Albertsons Companies stores will include top-selling flavors: Mocha and Vanilla. Both flavors will be available to purchase in 14-serving bags and single-serve packets. 

Scott Dean, Chike Nutrition Sales Director, says, "Chike's mission is to energize and empower people to live a happier and healthier life. We do this by creating unique, 'better for you' products that people can integrate into their daily routine without having to compromise on taste or quality. Our national partnership with Albertsons Companies plays a major role in helping us achieve our mission by making Chike more convenient and accessible to hundreds of thousands of shoppers nationwide."

In 2011, Chike Nutrition's co-founders were in their kitchens trying to develop a protein powder that didn't have the chalky flavor or gross aftertaste that comes with most protein powders. Today, Chike Protein Iced Coffee is the internet's top-rated protein coffee for taste and flavor and has reached national grocery distribution. 

Those who have tasted Chike Protein Iced Coffee understand the craze. A verified purchaser, Rhonda, left a five-star review stating, "Every morning, I have to have my protein iced coffee. It sets the tone for my day and gets me energized before my hectic day. The flavor and taste are out of this world!" Shop for Chike Protein Iced Coffee in-store or at for a healthy and tasty start to the day.

Whether Chike Protein Iced Coffee is sipped on or added to different recipes, Chike Nutrition exists so consumers don't have to choose between the healthy decision and the delicious treat.


About Chike Nutrition

Chike Nutrition is based in Abilene, Texas, and manufactures and produces all eight (and counting) of their flavors, ensuring the quality and consistency demanded in their products. You can find all the flavors on their website and follow new recipes, flavor launches, and more on Instagram. Learn more about Chike Nutrition in their overview video.

Source: Chike Nutrition

About Chike Nutrition

Chike Nutrition is based in Abilene, Texas and proudly manufactures and produces all eight (and counting!) of their current flavors of Protein Iced Coffee, ensuring the quality and consistency that Chike Nutrition demands in their products.

Chike Nutrition
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