Chicago Comb Co. Launches Ultimate Wide Tooth Comb

The Chicago Comb Company has released their new wide tooth rake comb that is designed to be used for people with longer hair, thicker hair as well as curly hair. The design offers many versatile functions especially when styling women's hair.

Chicago Comb Company

The Chicago Comb Company has announced the launch of their fifth new design of metal combs just ahead of this year’s Father’s Day retail sales. Chicago Comb has met the requests of their consumers by creating a wide tooth rake comb made out of their signature US steel, hand finished in their Chicago workshop.  The new design is simply called the No. 5, the fifth unique design in their comb collection, and is available in a long and short length.

“Over the past two years we have had our current customers and prospective customers repeatedly ask us for a wide tooth comb,” says co-found John Litwinski, “Our products are all about quality and that is our focus. For the model no. 5, our goal was to engineer the ultimate wide tooth rake comb while retaining our signature modern and minimal design aesthetics.  Not an easy task, but it was well worth the effort.  It’s a fantastic comb, we are very pleased with it.”

The wide tooth rake comb is designed to be used for people with longer hair, thicker hair as well as curly hair.  The design offers many versatile functions especially when styling women’s hair. And as the beard trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing, it is also a very practical comb for longer and thicker beards that men are continuing to support.

“Our first four styles of combs are made with fine to medium width teeth.  I think this is why most our current customer base is men,” says Co-Founder Tedd Strom, “This new style opens us up to many new markets, not only to the women’s market, but also to accommodate different types of hair that requires a rake comb for styling.”

The No. 5 wide tooth rake comb is available for pre-sale on their website and will be available through select retailers within the next couple of months.  Each sized comb is hand polished to achieve either a matte or a mirror finish.  The company offers a wide range of leather sheaths for easy storage of the comb.

Their combs were the first combs ever to be laser cut out of steel in the US.  Chicago Comb has been featured in several media outlets, won many awards within the men’s category, and is available in hundreds of stores across the globe.  Most recently they have obtained two design patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office for the unique designs of their flagship No. 1 and No. 2 metal combs. 

Chicago Comb offers custom engraving on their website, perfect for father’s day, weddings, or any special occasion, as well as limited supply of combs featuring the designs of acclaimed artists engraved on the combs. 

Source: Chicago Comb Company


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