Chicago Cannabis Company Launches New Superfood Wellness Brand, Molida

Molida Wellness brings phytocannabinoid-rich superfood blends straight to your door

Molida Wellness Blends

​Chicago Cannabis Company is excited to announce the introduction of Molida Wellness, our new superfood-inspired brand. Meaning "ground" in Spanish, as in to grind into a powder, Molida is rooted in the desire to provide sufficient phytocannabinoid nutrition that is grounded in organic, superfood powder blends.

Using time-tested, trusted plants and ingredients, Molida wellness blends deliver an abundant supply of phytocannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and proteins in a way that is simple and requires minimal time. Molida’s blends can easily be added to smoothies, shakes, lattes, oatmeals, or just mixed with hot water. 

Born out of Nicollette Rodriguez‘s —a founding member of Chicago Cannabis Company— love for working with ancestral ingredients, Molida is meant to be familiar and nostalgic.

"Many of us have fond memories sipping a hot, chocolatey beverage when it's cold. And some of us grew up having our abuelas make chocolate from pure cacao. The hot chocolate we might be familiar with today is a far cry from the raw, organic, infused cacao we provide at Molida, free of additives and processed ingredients," says Rodriguez.

"For me, working with foods my grandmother and her mother and so on used, such as maza and cacao, is a therapeutic feeling and experience. Working with these ingredients instantly connects me to my ancestors as well as centuries of people carrying on traditional recipes."

Molida Wellness believes in the connection between wellness, plants, history, culture, and respect. We aspire to share that with those who are interested in improving or beginning their self-care and nutrition routines. 

Molida will initially offer five, cannabinoid-infused organic blends that can be purchased individually or as a wellness kit — with the ability to provide monthly subscriptions to customers. The wellness blends available are a Hemp Superfood Blend, Hemp Matcha Blend, Hemp Cacao Blend, Hemp Protein Blend, and Hemp Seed Blend. Each pouch contains 25-50 mg of phytocannabinoids per serving, along with the additional nutrients provided in each unique wellness blend. 

“I see this brand as a homage to both my Puerto Rican and Mexican heritage. Growing up with and using tools like a molcajete, or mortar and pestle, to make salsas and mofongos, it was only natural that we used this to represent Molida. Like the wheel, no need to change what has already worked perfectly.”

The Molida team has big plans to provide infused, healthy products to Chicago and beyond, so be sure to keep up with what they have planned. 

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Source: Chicago Cannabis Company

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