Chicago Bar Shop to Debut New Industry-Disrupting Hospitality Technology: The Automated Three Compartment Sink

Check Out the First-Ever Automated Three-Compartment Sink at This Year's NRA (National Restaurant Association) Show

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Chicago Bar Shop, a full-service restaurant design, bar builder and hospitality solutions provider, this week announced their new invention, the Sink Tech, will be officially debuted at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

Created to automate the three-compartment sink system that is mandated in every food and beverage establishment today, the Sink Tech will replace the problematic staff-monitoring requirement to ensure the sinks are being kept at correct temperature and sanitation levels.

“Everyone in the food and beverage industry knows how stressful the three-compartment sink setup can be. If water isn’t kept at the correct temperature or if contaminants enter the water, dirty glassware can be distributed to clients, causing illnesses,” said Candace Zynda, vice president of operations at Chicago Bar Shop. “We’ve integrated proprietary technology into the three-compartment sink, automating the entire system while removing the possibility of human error.”

The Sink Tech device is a complete plug-and-play solution - it has a modular design with installation capabilities that do not require plumbers. Simply unscrew the current faucet and attach the Sink Tech device. From the connection, the new device will keep the water temperatures at required levels and ensure the correct amount of soap and sanitizer are automatically added to the water.

Backed up to the cloud, the Sink Tech device keeps track of water usage, soap and sanitizer use, administering notifications when there is low stock of soap and sanitation products. After the notification is sent, the device can automatically reorder the products without requiring human intervention.

Sink Tech inventor Declan Morgan has spent the majority of his life in hospitality, starting off at an early age in his family’s pub back in Ireland. Now, an established restaurateur for more than two decades, he’s dedicated himself to solving problems in the hospitality industry that he’s seen and experienced first hand. He’s able to solve these problems, enhance the customer experience and help bar and restaurant owners succeed through Chicago Bar Shop.    

After running tests, Chicago Bar Shop confirmed the new Sink Tech product saves more water than traditional methods, like dishwashers. Only part of the sink requires emptying when temperatures become too cool or dirty, with the device regulating temperatures by draining and adding in hot water without refilling the entire sink.

“We are incredibly excited to be debuting this new product at none other than the NRA Show 2018,” said Morgan. “We look forward to unveiling and demonstrating the world’s first automated three-compartment sink, and networking with industry personnel (restaurant, hotel, cruise ship, etc.) looking for cost- and resource-saving hospitality solutions.”  

Taking place in Chicago from May 19-22, the NRA show provides businesses and brands from around the world with the ability to collaborate, communicate and network, debuting new inventions and devices that will revolutionize the industry.

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