Cheryl Rhodes' New Book 'The Women In Jesus's Line' Is A Thought Provoking Read About The Lives And Legacies Of Women In Jesus' Lineage

Cheryl Rhodes' professional life includes medical social worker, private practice psychotherapist, teaching in post-secondary education, and pastoring churches in several denominations. This is her third book in a series entitled "Lives and Legacies." "The women in Jesus's Line" gives a closer look into the lives of women in Jesus' lineage - their life circumstances, the challenges they met, and the lessons they learned.

Cheryl writes, "Three of the five women in Jesus's line were not born among The Chosen.  This is a clear indication that The LORD God chooses without prejudice, including one's family of origin.

Tamar was of use to her father only for his own security and well-being. She suffered abuse at the hands of three of The Chosen, but The Almighty saw in her the tenacity to be numbered among His own. God granted her two sons and entrance into the line of The Messiah.

Rahab had a cursed origin and lifestyle. Never-the-less, her courage in giving the Hebrew spies refuge worked to save herself and her family when Israel took Jericho. People still refer to her as a harlot, though she was one of King David's grandmothers.

Ruth was grateful that her husband's family went to Moab to escape a famine in Israel. Left a widow, Ruth chose to accompany her mother-in-law back into The Promised Land. Yahweh blessed her decisions with a new life, a loving, godly husband, a son, and adoption into the line of The King of Kings.

Bathsheba was taken from her husband by the Israelite king who was neglectful of his commitment to The LORD God. But she submitted to The Almighty and bore David four sons, including King Solomon. When Solomon took the throne, he demonstrated honor for her.

Though Mary was young and knew the consequences of being with child outside of marriage, she accepted Gabriel's message with courage. She did not understand all the messages about her son but kept them in her heart. She saw Him resurrected from the dead, in power and great glory."

Published by Fulton Books, Cheryl Rhodes's well-crafted, thought provoking accounts bring together the lives of these women in Jesus's lineage, capturing the meaning of their life journeys.

Readers who wish to experience this brilliant work can purchase "The Women in Jesus's Line" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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