Chemical Engineer Introduces the Power of Angstrom Soap to Combat Morgellons Disease and Other Itching Parasites

Nature's Gift debriding soap penetrates the deepest layers of skin where parasites live.

For anyone suffering from Morgellons Disease, Collembola, Strongyloides or other difficult to detect skin parasites, the endless itching and slow-to-heal lesions can be a curse.  Many doctors don’t understand the intense stress the conditions can cause, and it took one chemical engineer named Richard Kuhns, B.S.Ch.E., who himself suffered from skin parasites to find a solution.  When he learned of angstrom soap’s potential for cleaning one’s skin, Kuhns first tested it with a dozen or so sufferers of skin parasites, and when the results came back clearly demonstrating its value, he seized the opportunity to take the special Debriding Soap ( to everyone he knew suffering from skin parasites.

Richard Kuhns is a specialist in biofeedback, stress management and relaxation skills.  It was in 1994 that he was first exposed to the pathogens which then resulted in years of rashes, itching and biting.  “Frankly, I considered suicide,” says Richard Kuhns, advocate and retailer of the Debriding Soap.  “Doctors were no help. Fortunately, my engineering background allowed me to scientifically find, through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t to get my life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites. One of the first things you can do is to debride (clean) your skin, second is to follow the King Diet (SM) which helps to reduce and interrupt their breeding cycle.”

"Doctors were no help. Fortunately, my engineering background allowed me to scientifically find, through trial and error, what works and what doesn't to get my life back from Morgellons and other skin parasites."

Richard Kuhns, Author & B.S. Chemical Engineering

Nature's Gift™ Debriding Soap is made from natural substances: corn extracts, sugar, oats, rice and natural alcohols—nothing chemical and no GMO’s. Unlike other natural soaps, the magic is in the way it's made. Only two people on the earth know how it's made – the technique for combining these ingredients to produce a soap with angstrom particle size.  Einstein claimed that anything smaller than one angstrom is pure energy—that's how small these soap particles are. The thickness of a piece of paper is 100,000 nanometers. One angstrom is one tenth of a nanometer. Compared to the molecular size of all other soaps and lotions it's like comparing the size of a tiny pebble to a toaster.

The debriding soap is sold as a concentrate ($38 plus S&H – comes with a free eBook valued at $19.95) which is diluted to make a full gallon of body wipe.  Not only is it the most effective debriding (skin cleaner) in the world, it’s also the most economical.  Typical use is to bathe with it for 20 minutes or more, then shower, and then apply the soap with a cloth to skin and let it penetrate. 

Richard Kuhns has become an authority on Morgellons Disease.  He sells a separate eBook ($19.95) detailing causes and evaluates the various solutions to the problem ( in addition to the powerful Nature’s Gift Debriding Soap.  Each order of Debriding Soap comes with his free eBook.  The book details a step-by-step process to get your life back from skin parasites - out of your house, office, car, clothes and pets.  It features the King DietSM, a 3-stage eating plan, to stop breeding them internally with mouth-watering recipes to make it easy to follow the diet you need to flush parasites.  As an eBook, free updates are issued as new information comes available to keep the reader completely up to date.

Kuhns is also an advocate of the non-GMO movement and is happy to provide his insights on the subject. Media inquiries, interview requests and original content requests can be directed to