Chef Tregaye Shares Secrets for National BBQ Month on TipsOnTV

The Recipe for Amazing Grilling!

Chef Tregaye Gives Tips for National Barbecue Month

This May, celebrate National Barbecue Month in style and enjoy the culinary art that embraces the spirit of friends, family and fun. Chef Tregaye, who is best known for bringing fun and creativity to the foods we enjoy, shares these timely grilling ideas just in time for Summer. 


The side dishes are where it is at and Bush’s Baked Beans are the sure side of a good time. The sweetness of Bush’s Baked Beans makes barbecue favorites taste even better! Whether it is Original, Brown Sugar Hickory, or any other flavor variety, serving them to guests at that next barbecue is an absolute must! These recipe creations use Original Baked Beans, and the Zero Sugar Added Baked Beans. Bush’s Baked Beans are incredibly versatile and can enhance almost any barbecue recipe. For more information, visit


With so much to tend to on the BBQ, make sure the preparation of vegetables is quick and easy. That is where Birds Eye comes in with their Steamfresh vegetables, including Broccoli Florets and Sweet Corn. Birds Eye has done the prep of washing and chopping the vegetables. They are ready whenever, and cook in just minutes in the microwave. Plus, their flash-freezing process locks in key nutrients, to get all the taste and nutrition of fresh vegetables. For more information, visit


In addition to condiments, it is important to keep first-aid essentials on hand while grilling, because accidents can happen. Fortunately, BAND-AID® Brand, the #1 Dermatologist and Doctor recommended brand, recently launched BAND-AID® Brand PRO HEAL™ Adhesive Bandages, uniquely designed to give 60% better healing and help prevent the appearance of scars thanks to hydrocolloid technology. These 100% waterproof bandages stay on for up to 48 hours, even through hand washing, to get back to BBQ fun. For more information, visit


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