Chef Hunter Lee's New Book 'Louisiana: Recipes of a People' is the First Cookbook in the Benwood's Surely Southern Line by Lee, Showcasing Mouthwatering Southern Recipes

Fulton Books author Chef Hunter Lee has completed his most recent book "Louisiana: Recipes of a People":  an exciting cookbook that invites readers to Join retired chef Hunter Lee on a leisurely culinary stroll through the South and the very heart of Louisiana. This inspiring work kick-starts an adventure that is as interesting and as unique as the culture, people, and families it embodies.

After a 15-year career as a chef/kitchen personality, business owner, food expert with, and restaurant consultant/critic with catering and private chef services in Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans, and Shreveport, Chef Hunter Lee retired to his plantation where he grew up in Mansfield, Louisiana, in 2016, due to health issues. Lee is Louisiana through and through, having lived and worked in almost every part of the state. In retirement, he's worked closely with local nonprofit organizations, festivals, charities, and Mardi Gras—as the president of the board and captain of the Krewe of Demeter until stepping down in 2021. Lee enjoys being at home on his plantation, spending time with and entertaining friends and family. He's an avid traveler and is always up for exploring new restaurants across the South and East Coast.

As of 2021, Hunter Lee LLC, the parent company of Benwood's Surely Southern, was taken over by and became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunter Lee Mannies Trust. After the merger, Hunter Lee LLC has worked on expanding Benwood's seasoning line into full production as well as releasing new products to the lineup. This is the first of three cookbooks written by Chef Hunter Lee to be released in the Benwood's Surely Southern series.

Chef Hunter Lee discusses the meaning behind his passion for food, sharing, "Food is the special magic that brings people together in the South. I hope you enjoyed this look into life and the love of food here in Louisiana, past and present. I'm honored to have done what I did and where I did it. I'm also so honored to get to share it with you. Remember: treat your kitchen, treat yourself."

Published by Fulton Books, Chef Hunter Lee's book offers an eclectic mix of old, new, traditional, and not-so-traditional. The recipes are all created to please the taste buds and give readers a look into the true Southern table.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase "Louisiana: Recipes of a People" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books