Cheba Hut 'Toasted' Subs is Rollin’ Up a New Joint in El Paso, TX

The cannabis-themed restaurant and bar is eagerly anticipating its opening and can’t wait to light the joint up and be the undisputed local hangout for curing cottonmouth and the munchies.

Cheba journeyman Isaac Montoya and his astonishing team are true representatives of the Hut! The team is thrilled to bring their immense talents to the wonderful city of El Paso, TX, and stoked to continue their storied relationship with the “toasted” sub and bar concept.

Montoya’s professional evolution within the Chebaverse is one of hard work and passion. Starting as a crew member and rapidly moving up the ranks to general manager and eventually an owner, he is a full embodiment of the brand and will now have four locations under his belt with more on the radar.

Montoya and his team have been highly regarded representatives of the Hut throughout the South for quite some time, crushing the New Mexico markets and now taking their talents into the Lone Star State. They believe it is vital for the new shop to reflect the history of El Paso and its inviting community of residents. Two examples of how they plan to express these aspirations are through their central mural and offering a spacious patio with over 100 seats for homies to soak up the West Texas sun.

Montoya explains, “El Paso is a very unique location because of how neighborhood-oriented it is and we plan to lean into that with the new shop. Our goal is to become the city's undisputed neighborhood hangout, and I truly feel the interior and exterior of the shop capture that inviting vibe we hope to give off.”

Not only will the new Texas location be serving up a variety of dank subs, fluffy pretzel nugs, and gooey krispy treats that can cure any level of the munchies, but also, for the 21 and up homies, they’ll be slinging some delicious signature cocktails and local brews from their full bar that will obliterate any presence of cottonmouth!

Isaac and his team wholeheartedly understand the importance of maintaining Cheba Hut’s Core Values (The Hustle, Show Respect, Own It, Pay It Forward, Keep It Real). Montoya explains, “Owning It is our top priority. We struggle as humans to own our successes so we want to emphasize the wins and celebrate them. Being engaged, transparent, and seeing every little task through in its entirety are all the aspects of this core value that we aim to display.”

The shop, located at 3001 N Zaragoza Road, El Paso, TX, 79938, opens its doors on Friday, 2/23! The brand is stoked to bring over 30 signature “toasted” subs, an array of delicious munchie treats, and cottonmouth cures for all ages (Crafted Cocktails for the 21+ homies) to the El Paso area!

For more info about opening day and upcoming events, check out chebahut.texas!

Source: Cheba Hut Franchising