Chasyr: The Little Rideshare Startup That Could

Take A Ride On The Blockchain

Mr. Chasyr

​Chasyr is currently in search of the early adopters which will ultimately be the driving force to put growth and success into place. They’re already creating positive momentum in the crypto and driver community on a global level. In the past weeks, Chasyr has received over 300 driver submissions from 60 cities without the need to saturate the internet with driver bonus ads. Interested users have been following along and engaging on Chasyr’s social media channels to learn more about the vision.

Now you can’t talk about Chasyr without talking about Swarm City. Swarm City is a decentralized commerce platform on the Ethereum blockchain. Their most recent release, Boardwalk, is a great opportunity for users to get their bearings with transactions, building reputation, and the usage of hashtags. With the anticipating delivery of Storefront, Swarm City’s third release, Chasyr will be using their technology to propel forward as the leading edge of ridesharing. 

"Chasyr is a great example of one of the many use cases we'll see for Swarm City…"

Jenny Williams, Support and Community of Swarm City

With the goal of presenting the best alternative to Uber, CEO Tommy Marquez plans to introduce blockchain to the mainstream. By utilizing the Ethereum blockchain on Swarm City, users can give and request rides peer-to-peer enabled by the Swarm City Cryptocurrency (SWT). For those that are not crypto-savvy, this may already sound a bit complicated, perhaps even a little off-putting. Introducing blockchain technology to the mainstream is a challenge for many decentralized apps (DApps), but Chasyr intends to create a user-friendly experience by first using the backbone tech developed by Swarm City. Truth be told, you don’t need to fully understand the tech to use the product. However, Chasyr wants to take their users “under the hood” to gain a little depth of understanding the power of being on the blockchain.

“This is only the beginning of our challenging journey, but with the experience I have gained by getting waist deep into learning the power of blockchain and decentralized networks, I feel very up to the task.” — Tommy Marquez

This innovative approach to rideshare will eliminate the need for surge pricing, allow riders to choose their driver, give drivers the option to negotiate a fair wage and a voice to where the revenue of the brand will go towards all while being on the blockchain. As the Chasyr tagline goes, “Take a ride on the Blockchain,” and help pave the future of rideshare.

If you are in the crypto space and would like to get involved as a driver or something more then please feel free to join today at

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